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Cryptocurrency, when introduced, saw a quick influx of numerous entities wishing for a slice of the pie ie profits that the industry could produce. A large number of these were investors looking for a quick profit rather than individuals interested or with knowledge of the sector. As a result when the number of users did not increase as expected these investors began to drop out with a majority likening the industry to a bubble ready to burst. Reports claim that in April 2018 trading volumes fell by almost $8 billion USD. Industry experts have reasoned that a large reason for the drop is that the fun aspect of cryptocurrencies was minimal and that consumers were quick to stop using the medium.

MyEtherPony is the proposed solution to these issues that can bring back the large customer base that cryptocurrencies witnessed during its inception. It aims to achieve this through :

  • Combining game principles and blockchain technology – Rewards are a key portion of any games and it is implemented using the tokens offered by Ethereum on the blockchain. They are ERC20 and ERC721 for utility value and digital scarcity respectively.


  • Using Social elements to boost engagement and retention – Human nature is geared towards socializing and interacting with others which is implemented in MEP using Leaderboards, Sharing, Personalisation, Messaging and Peer-based gameplay.


  • A flexible approach for users to interact depending on their behavior patterns – Users can join to use MEP as a hobby or as a business venture. Groups can be formed for users who wish to implement specific rules or patterns. Developers can also share ideas to progress the community.

  • Emphasis on sustainable approach creating long-term demand – Using Digital pet gameplay, card games and competition a real demand is developed as opposed to an artificial demand that can not be sustained.


MyEtherPony (MEP) is a digital pet game developed on the blockchain platform that allows users to collect and trade digital assets in the form of ponies. Each pony in MEP is unique just like in the real world and as such no identical ponies can ever be found. Users start with their favorite and then breed to get rarer ponies. Farms are visible to all users who can then trade and breed between themselves, creating rarer and rarer breeds.

How does MEP work?

MEP accepts DEKLA token –  a model of the ERC20 token that is the native token on the platform. DEKLA is necessary for users to make a purchase or to earn with MEP. Ponies are the main characters or tokens in MEP and just like in the real world they can be traded, gifted to others or stored in wallets. Ponies are born within the Ethereum Smart Contract and are called Gen-0 ponies. Gen-0 ponies are limited to 5000 after which ponies can be obtained only by trading or breeding. Users can interact with the digital ponies just like they would with real ones only with fewer hassles.   

The index used to ensure competitiveness is the Happiness index used to measure the happiness of ponies which used as criteria for entry to competitions. This can be increased by more frequent petting or changing the petting style to one which the pony likes. Mini-games are also available within MEP like duels where users contest for rewards.

MEP is highly incentivized for users who contribute towards the growth of the community and thus keep it self-sustainable. The MEP marketplace is open, transparent and secure allowing users to freely trade their ponies globally. Auctions are highly efficient, transparent and maintain reasonable costs per bid.

MEP Mechanisms

  • Breeding – Users can breed their ponies to create a new breed that possesses traits from both parents. It is a genetic discovery where guesses can be made as to the nature of the new pony but like children, changes can be witnessed on birthdays and as they grow.


  • Unicornisation – To keep the value of ponies high an increasing population is not ideal. Users are encouraged to retire ponies through uncornisation where they become unicorns or pegasus. This evolution depends on their hidden powers which can be Metal, Wind, Fire, Thunder or Water.


The team believes that just like blockchain the future of MEP is limitless as each pony is a crypto-backed asset fully controlled by the user granting him peer-peer access as well as immutability and transparency in transactions.  The mission behind MEP is the creation of a fun way for users to learn about crypto that incorporates social elements and offers flexible gameplay for users depending on their behavior patterns with an emphasis on sustainability and innovation.

For More Details of MyEtherPony:
Official Website: https://myetherpony.io
Whitepaper: https://myetherpony.io/whitepaper/english
Telegram: https://t.me/MyEtherPonyGroupInviteBot
Twitter: https://twitter.com/myetherpony
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myetherpony



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