What is WaykiChain? | WaykiChain Review 2021

What is WaykiChain

What is WaykiChain?


The WaykiChain focuses on the growth of its own infrastructure, the bottom community chain layer as well as the ecosystem that will support technological research and innovation, and also the operation of the project. 

Preliminary research and production of the 3rd generation of blockchain business have hit the industry’s leading standard, with high-performance payment processing technologies (TPS avg. 4500+), an effective coordination system (DPoS + pBFT), a powerful and smart engine (Lua + WASM) system, as well as a decentralized blockchain management capability. WaykiChain will offer infrastructure resources and business innovations to experience in key areas of the vertical industry. 

Currently, with the ongoing involvement of the team in research and innovation and also the active engagement of the group of developers and consumers, the WaykiChain foundation has been updated regularly and refined. One of the main financial origins of the blockchain created by WaykiChain, the stablecoin WUSD (built at the base of the public chain) is also improving the future leverage of decentralized business growth. 

WaykiChain Team

The WaykiChain Team – About the Project


The WaykiChain team consists of industry-renowned builders who have had good project experiences as well as professional managers and consultants who have been working in the focus industry for several years. 

The team focuses on the blockchain sector and seeks to build systems and landing technologies. The WaykiChain team now has a blockchain science, infrastructure, and company squad of around 90 people. 

WaykiChain Wallet

WICC Tokens 


WICC is WaykiChain’s native currency. It is used to engage in platform activities. The team recommends that users store the WICC tokens in the wallet developed by WaykiChain. WICC tokens will mainly be exchanged with BTC and ETH on several markets, with two exceptions, INR and BNB. 

To buy WaykiChain (WICC), users must also have some BTC or ETH and sell them on platforms that support the coin. 

WICC is accessible from Binance, KuCoin, DragonEX, ChaoEX, BCEX, Huobi, Bitbns, and Hotbit. For more details and updates on WICC’s availability of new exchanges, see CoinMarketCap.



WaykiMax is a WaykiChain browser extension. It allows the user to handle their account records, install tokens, review balances, WICC&token transfers, create/import/export mnemonics, etc. 

Meanwhile, WaykiMax offers the WICC Wallet interface to users. Whilst also creating DAPP, developers will sign and transmit their WaykiChain payments. This functionality helps you to use the DAPP in your tab. 

The DApp Funding Program


WaykiChain has initiated a decentralized application (DAPP) funding scheme to encourage developers and backers to design apps of actual worth. They anticipate ever more developers from across the world to co-construct the WaykiChain ecosystem. 

Backed by their team’s powerful technical capabilities, they would contribute all-encompassing aid to developers and make them develop WaykiChain DApps and ensure adequate profits. 

Where is WaykiChain Heading and the Future 


WaykiChain’s potential is a large community-driven shared chain network. WaykiChain seeks to create a decentralized development network that will provide consumers with a full on-line smart contract framework. Anyone may understand their business ideas about WaykiChain and create their own DApp and establish their own brand names. 

WaykiChain uses decentralized forecasting, stock management, and forex trading as input sectors to broaden markets at an early level. After acquiring a lot of application users and creators, WaykiChain can eventually improve its upper blockchain apps. 

WaykiChain Partners

Conclusion: For today’s new blockchain-related technologies, WaykiChain is one of the most influential and secure ventures based on its technology journey and growth. 

Their recently unveiled DApp funding scheme is a decent and generous proposition to prospective developers who would like to commit to WaykiChain’s growth. More than before, this will encourage any talent focused on blockchain technology to follow its skills to the next stage.

For More Details About WaykiChain :


Website: https://www.waykichain.com
Whitepaper: https://www.waykichain.com/Whitepaper-en.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wayki_chain
Telegram Group: https://t.me/wiccofficial
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjudZhgPcAX74LVxi23kKvg

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