Email is a modern communication method that has changed the way corporations run their businesses. Email accelerates the flow of knowledge, reduces geographic obstacles, holds contact costs down, and gives business people the ability to view their communications from anywhere in the world. As such, businesses profit from the numerous benefits that email provides. Therefore, you will highly benefit from choosing a reliable email service like Convertkit for your business or professional use.

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Given the rise of modern technologies such, as social networking, emails are still one of the most critical types of business contact. Businesses are sending thousands of mails to fulfill their main business functions. Given the usefulness of business emails, many companies do use free email hosting services such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo for their business. However, these email accounts provide them with an email ID that is adequate to signify the extension of free email hosting service providers and does not provide them the benefits of a legitimate email ID. They need to get company email hosting for this.

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Top Benefits of Professional Email Services

Trust: As mentioned earlier, consumers trust a company email address rather than a free mail account. A skilled email address is usually affiliated with a domain name that is the corporate domain name of your organization on which the primary website is located. Any consumer wanting to know more about your offerings will quickly remember the URL of your website. This allows immensely to win over the clients. On the other side, any anonymous mail sent via a free email address would not allow the consumer the opportunity to verify the company’s data and greatly decrease the confidence factor.

Cost-Effective: an email address would not cost much relative to the advantages you get from it. Many companies deem spending in business correspondence to be a needless cost. However, once they start using the mail and see the rewards, they understand the true worth of their resources.

More Efficient Communication: Company emails can render your company communication more effective, be it internal communication with your staff or external communication with your clients or stakeholders. Sending a business idea to your prospective client from a free email address would sound too unprofessional and quite unlikely to affect. On the other side, a related idea submitted from your company mail address sounds more competent and compelling.

White-Label Email Hosting: For white-label email hosting, you can use your own branding on your -mail address. This allows you to use your own brand name on your email address. Many companies use a white-label email approach to their customers and they don’t want their consumers to hear about the parent service provider. White-label email strategies enable you to keep the service provider’s identification secret and encourage customers to use their own brand image in their communications.

More & More Features: Skilled mail accounts offer you a lot of options and privileges than free email service. For eg, a free email account would not enable you to customize your mailbox size, whereas a paid mail service like Convertkit would enable you to customize your mailbox size to suit your needs. Professional mails offer you unique functionality for your professional use, such as mail tracking, or mail sorting that a free account won’t allow you. Company email systems for broader organizations — corporate email service can have mutual communication functions, schedules, and activities, including backup and recovery of trash mail deletion. What’s more, you can also configure your business email service according to your requirements by utilizing a paid email server hosting program.

Storage Capacity: Most service providers provide their consumers with personalized storage rooms. Depending on the unique client needs, email service companies can move ahead and configure the storage capacity.

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Why Choose Convertkit for Email Services?

If you’ve got a workplace, a storefront, a restaurant, or an online-only company, chances are high that you’re using email. In reality, as per the Radicati Group, by the end of 2019, the world, as a multinational organization, were projected to deliver 246 billion emails a day — 52 percent (or approximately 128.8 billion) of which are projected to be business emails. In a field that’s busy, it’s crucial that your communication is not just tailored, precise and brand-specific, but that the email client you’re using enables you to put the best foot forward — projecting a competent, trustworthy image. When you choose Convertkit email services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Your brand image: Through email addresses that end with @your domain name, you can automatically inform your clients who you are and whom you reflect — building a trustworthy reputation from the moment your message is sent. And that’s why you could also get a raise in sales. After all, according to com, “9x customers are more inclined to conduct business with an organization that uses a real [branded] business email address than businesses that do not.”

Protection for files and data: Recently, an organization that provides free and low-cost email services to individuals and small companies has experienced “catastrophic damage” at the hands of an as-yet-unknown hacker who, according to Krebs on Defense, has trashed all of the company’s primary and backup data in the United States. The attack was so vast that “the manager of the company admits he now worries that 18 years’ worth of client information might be lost forever.” Even although violations at this magnitude are not common, hacking does happen. This is one explanation of why it is essential to use a reliable business email service with state-of-the-art encryption technology and the ability to interact through a transport layer communication network.

Department or group-specific email aliases: Through allowing you the choice of having email identities, such as or, you will connect with multiple individuals at once and allow your clients to submit requests to whole teams of people, making it easy for them to find the responses and assistance they need quicker.

No restrictions on messaging: Some of the more common free email services restrict the number of subscribers you can add to your email and the number of emails you may submit. Not only does delivering bulk messages pose a concern, but it might pose a problem if you have several individuals reacting to consumers through a common email address, such as In the meantime, paying providers do not seem to impose those restrictions, meaning that you can submit and receive as many email messages on a day as you want, making it simpler to connect with customers and vendors while you grow your company.

Additional technological assistance for your system: If your dedicated email service goes down or a function you’ve always relied on unexpectedly stops running, you’ll always get assured uptime and 24/7 help from professionals who will be there if anything goes wrong. Just like the company’s offerings may need to be scaled up as the client base expands, you would also require a business email solution that can be customized to suit your needs. Any free email services allow you to register numerous email addresses (2 to 500, depending on the provider), but with millions of users worldwide, having the name you want is likely to be a struggle. In comparison, while all email platforms provide some degree of encryption, many of the more security solutions are either inaccessible or come with a large charge that may make the “free” email services very pricey. However, with a framework that enables you to assign email addresses to the names you like, get stable, up-to-date security, and add new software, etc., practically on-the-fly, you can have a service that will evolve with you — which won’t require you to adjust programs in the middle of an expansion.

Easier transfers: If you sign up for a corporate email address like much of the free utilities, what they offer is what you receive. That may be fine when you start your company, but as you expand in scale and reach, you may need a more stable server, more room, more resources, and protection. However, since certain free programs are very small, you will not be eligible to update for a while. Nonetheless, most fee-based email storage services have the flexibility to adapt to suit your needs when your company expands and evolves — and may also help you easily switch to a scalable cloud-based solution when you’re ready.

Streamlined coordination and exchange of documents: Not only do email providers allow you to exchange emails, information, and data privately with your staff and customers, but some also provide you extra resources so that you can work on information in the office and the go — with any laptop. You can turn from your desktop to your phone without missing a beat.

Integration of other software or tools: Many of today’s company email hosting companies have built their resources in a way that helps them to easily interact with the applications and services that you rely on. They find things possible to achieve something and less time while doing so. Premium email providers offer quick connectivity through your platforms and provide streamlined access to changes and enhancements as they become available.

More functionality: Many of the free email providers provide a single program, or a handful of apps — some of which you’ll need, some of which you won’t. But with a business email service built and managed by a paying vendor, you’ll get a broader variety of options, such as customized schedules, online messages, file storage and sharing, and more. Plus, you would still have the luxury of installing resources for a small cost, rather than needing to pay in tools separately.

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Other than the mentioned priceless benefits above, you can enjoy some additional benefits when you choose Convertkit email services:

1) You’re losing out on a useful marketing

As a company owner, you’re still searching for reasons to market the name of your corporation, right?

So, there’s no easier way to do this than to include your company name/domain in your email correspondence. This ensures that the company name would be illustrated at every communication point with the consumer by email. It’s sort of like free promotion. This one, too, helps you seem more skilled.

2) More power over your account

More than one email consumer in your business? Managing all users’ email accounts in your company. Develop, uninstall, change passwords, set limitations on the size of the inbox, all can be handled by our easy-to-use control panels.

3) The email is less likely to be confused for SPAM.

With most spammers usually utilizing free email addresses to deliver SPAM these days, most of the SPAM filters target free email services more seriously. The explanation is because it’s convenient for them to do it, so it doesn’t cost them much.

4) Greatest Customer Experience

For a hosted service, you would most definitely get a high degree of help from your hosting provider. We are sure you’ve never managed to get your Gmail problems on your computer with Google? Through a business like GP Hosting, you get to work through actual people when you need help.

5) Seems more professional

If you are using a free email program, we agree that it typically indicates that you are submitting the wrong address. Nowadays, it’s too convenient and practically important to provide a website for your company. Not having these resources at your disposal may imply a variety of items for your customers or future customers:

  • You’re not coordinated or competent enough to have the company’s domain name.
  • The email you send comes from your personal email address, not your company.
  • You’re not worried about their safety.
  • You don’t have a domain name, you’re serious about your company.

Conclusion: Email is a new contact method that has transformed the way firms operate their enterprises. It accelerates the transfer of information, eliminates regional boundaries, eliminates interaction costs, and allows business people to access their messages from anywhere in the world. You would benefit immensely from using a secure email service such as Convertkit for your company or personal usage. Many businesses perceive expenditure on business communications to be an excessive expense. When they start using the mail and see the benefits, they realize the real meaning of it.

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