What is WellBe Coin? | Cryptocurrency for the Fitness Industry

What is WellBe Coin

What is WellBe Coin?


Fitness resources and equipment and upstream and downstream service suppliers and participants are better interconnected for greater performance thanks to Blockchain technologies, increasing people’s access to fitness. The implementation of Blockchain would consolidate the whole fitness sector into a whole and total environment, making full use of all tools, fitness professionals, manufacturers, clubs, clinicians, and peripheral devices. This coin, linked to Blockchain technology, offers many advantages and benefits at all levels and for everyone.

Today, most cryptocurrencies have a mining scheme that rewards anyone who uses their graphics card or processors or advanced mining hardware. It functions similarly to inflation and may also be seen as a form of “bill” on cryptocurrency. Mining for Bitcoin itself costs more than FIVE BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

WellBe Coin Features

Basic Token Information:

  • Token Name: WELB
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Token Symbol: Origin Token
  • MVP/Prototype Available
  • Country: France
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, USDT, Fiat


Their Mission

Cryptocurrency is the future of money; it enables individuals to break free from centralized banking structures to gain liberty and development opportunities. Adapting it to a particular business sector is the only way to ensure real and controllable development in this industry while satisfying all actors in the ecosystem.

To achieve widespread acceptance in the fitness industry, they have agreed to establish a base (TRESOR) to ensure WELB’s relative stability and development.

WellBe has an ICO with pre-mine tokens and was built with a good cash flow and production mechanism in mind. Our treasure is a distinguishing feature of our currency that is not found in most of the crypto on the market. The WellBe Treasury is independent and serves the FIAT balance that guarantees the WELB. This helps WellBe promise a 15% yearly increase from its original valuation because when WellBe expands, so will the treasury expenditure.

WellBe Community

WellBe’s prosperity and development, both now and in the future, are built on a stable and united community. A group that puts together all fitness industry participants, from members to investors, including clubs, vendors, associates, and “the neighbor.” WellBe Coin is free to anyone, regardless of sporting ability or involvement in the business.

The “Earndrop” initiative, which will begin in February 2021, will provide an incentive to build this culture by thanking people who help publicize our project by sharing it on social media. Each individual who supports a peer, neighbor, colleague, or family member to enter the CommunityCommunity can receive up to 100 WELBs.

The CommunityCommunity would serve as the foundation and the Treasury to ensure the long-term development and widespread acceptance of WELB. For this, it can include competitions, prizes, video gaming, and a variety of daily offerings to encourage the ideals that we want to share in this industry time and again.

Their collaboration with major partners such as RESOFit, Fitness Académie, and other collaborators who share their principles proves their willingness to see this industry reach another level, another ERE, that of Community Fitness.

Why invest in WELLBE COIN? 

Since it has over 230 million club members worldwide, it is a sure currency to expand rapidly! With continued expansion in key countries, the wellness industry aims to help people enjoy healthy lifestyles worldwide. Wellbe Coin is the cryptocurrency for this industry and a fitness rebellion.

We are living in a modern age, one of Community Fitness. Place your capital in a secure bet that guarantees a minimum annual growth rate of 15%, thanks to its Treasure. Pay your fitness club subscriptions with WELB and improve yourself by taking control of your health! Participate in developing a cohesive and balanced industry in which the players have the well-being and welfare of everyone in mind.

WellBe Coin Team

For More Information About WellBe Coin


Website: https://www.wellbe-coin.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WellbeCoin
Telegram Group: https://t.me/wellbecoingroupe
Whitepaper: https://www.wellbe-coin.com/t-en-gb/whitepaper/le-livre-blanc

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