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The fact remains that roughly one.7 billion adults within the world stay unbanked. That’s 1.7 BILLION adults World Health Organization don’t have access to any electronic monetary services and area unit forced to control in either a money or barter system that promotes crime and corruption. Though smartphone possession is increasing at associate degree exponential rate, not everybody can have access to the required solutions because of the restricted package and cross-border restrictions. The prevailing solutions utilize third-party service suppliers that increase prices and limit services supported trust. These service suppliers conjointly limit access to their merchandise betting on wherever you reside. Sadly, the folks living in destroyed countries, World Health Organization arguably have to be compelled to shield their cash the foremost, area unit those World Health Organization area unit affected most.

From purchase, to sale or send, Rubius offers the whole crypto-payment system. The end-to-end answer begins with the Rubiex exchange. There, users can buy associate degreed trade cryptocurrency at intervals an intuitive setting. The exchange leverages extraordinarily low fees to supply larger worth than its competitors. Rubius’ next link within the chain offers users a secure tool to send and receive cryptocurrency. The versatile Aryl billfold is each localised bank and exchange supporter. The wallet’s user-friendliness permits for confusion free payments between users and Aryl’s Volatility defend protects billfold worth by changing unstable cryptos into a most well-liked, steady currency.

The Shield’s efficient conversions enable users to quickly liquidate their holdings from associate degree exchange while not excessive fees or long queues typical of different “cashing-out” ways. RUBY tokens power this innovative system. Users World Health Organization interacts with the native Rubius currency receive five hundredth off fees across all platforms. Take from the ICO are accustomed develop the primary crypto network to resolve the problems of over quality, exploitive fees, and volatility.

Rubius package are designed for the patron and can be frequently upgraded and improved indefinitely. This could embrace rebranding our merchandise in specific regions to assist promote mass adoption. Primary goal is to produce the complete world with access to banking and monetary services through our package merchandise. All of merchandise is ASCII text file, free to- use, and can have zero-trust concerned. Merchandise can utilize localised applications and care for existing blockchain platforms like Ethereum.

Rubius coins or RUBYs area unit a localised cryptocurrency supported the ERC20 token normal. RUBY coins area unit associate degree autonomous digital currency supported by the Ethereum platform and every one RUBY transaction are processed by the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The EVM ensures transparency by validator, recording, and commercial enterprise all transactional information.

The future, it is tend to arrange on developing on own blockchain infrastructure, which is able to be associate degree improved version of Ethereum. Like Ethereum, Their infrastructures are associate degree ASCII text file, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and software with sensible contract (scripting) practicality. However, the goal of blockchain platform is to be additional energy-efficient and additional viable for long information storage.


  • Aryl
  • RubiexMerchant package
  • Rubius sensible written agreement (RSE)
  • Rubius sensible Loans (RSL)
  • Decentralized Social Media
  • Security
  • Customer Service

They have dedicated seventieth of all Rubius coins to our initial coin giving. Pre-ICO can begin on July thirty first and last for 2 weeks. The most sales for our ICO can begin at 2:00pm civil time on August twenty first, 2018. The ICO can comprise 3 phases, spanning across 5 weeks. Once the tip of every section, the worth can increase, therefore its advocate participants get their RUBYs early.

The total offer of RUBY tokens is three-hundred million (300,000,000 RUBY), of that seventieth are allotted to the ICO. With the remaining portion, they’ve allotted five-hitter to bounty program, 100% to origination team, three-dimensional to advisors, and twelve-tone music to be control in reserve for either partnership deals or exchange listings.

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For More Details of RUBIUS:
Official Website: https://rubius.io
Whitepaper: https://rubius.io/rubius-whitepaper.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3254617.0
Telegram: https://t.me/rubiuschat



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