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Helios Coin Review

The website Helios Coin that influences under the subtitle of future of mining utterly focuses when autonomous, closed, self-circuit systems which seek the necessity of minimal maintenance are dealing with Helios. To begin with, at the initial forming stage, crypto-mining was a well-distributed chain of plenty private miners, whose duties were regulated by transparent rules and regulations. Since the transitions took place, the exponential development of cryptocurrencies has ended up with keen increase referring with energy consumption and mining with low social and environmental standardized countries, where electric power is supplied mainly by fossil fuels. Therefore, Helios Mining Ltd. upgrades a structure of autonomous clusters towards mining (Solar Mining Clusters) which can be utilized electricity basically on renewable energy causes.

The HLC token which is an Ethereum stationed on the ERC-20 standards, it became world first Autonomous Mining solution that aims regarding alternative energy sources. Consequently, restrictions on investors have influenced that world community is liable for a piece of crypto-mining income and profits as not just handful of unknown players from oligopolistic cartels in authoritarian communities. According to HLC Token partial principles in line with EU and US imposed security laws; there are three categories of investors which can be identified as token holders. Those can be highlighted as Investors inside and outside Cyprus, Accredited investors and Investors those who reside in Germany. Because of that, HLC tokens are pointed on ERC-20 Protocol, which certifies five million tokens together with the nominal price of ETH 0.001 and further they will be issued soon.

In addition, the business model of Helios mining Ltd for the mining consists of two major components. They can be identified as personal operations and third party operations. The usage of funds is basically to convert the Solar Mining Cluster technology, which is utterly concentrated on mining, then, to data center technology with the wide scope of application in the growing blockchain market. As the crypto-mining business model is mostly dependent on energy sources, Helios’ one stands for environmentally safe energy sources considering economic feasibility on a global ratio, is also a portion of the modern generation.

Analyzing the global electricity market which is largely divided, consists of several regional subsystems in various jurisdictions, where excess degree alternates with the deficit. Subsequently, in the long term, the global electricity market will be directed by modern technologies, balancing, storing and selling electricity between several intelligent 14 authors.

Above all, Helios mining Ltd tends to offer opportunity to everyone who would like to participate in the future of blockchain technology and lays the Foundation for the future of crypto-Mining by shaping  high mobile mining modules with minimal maintenance requirements and assisting  community to raise a voice in choosing locations and coins for mining under three flexible  technology strategies such as Found decentralized autonomous mobile mining modules (Solar Mining Clusters), Helios Miner application and value proposition. Thus, Solar mining clusters of Helios are set, based on particular development guidelines such as mobility, autonomy, economic efficiency, plug n play and cooling optimization. That is the reason of being Helios mining worker is totally capable of hardware of mining equipment, equipment maintenance, and automated auxiliary components together with sensors cluster of intelligent mining, video surveillance and automation and crypto-storage. Monitoring of systems, faults, threshold value hash rate and temperature create a large impact on monitoring Helios intelligent system. Hence implementing hedging volatility risk and providing an investment return in the long term together with some developing events related in Ethereum platform, is more likely to move towards ownership proof. Key cluster parameters and KPI s for the projects they carried on were vividly analyzed through numeric tables and graphs to depict the annual profit dynamics accordingly.

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