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Egretia HTML5 Platform

Complex lifestyle and the rapid expansion of internet have created a new room to expand the usage of e-gaming applications. Decentralized Blockchain technology has created a new path to e-game developers and players to overcome weaknesses in traditional e-games. Let’s have quick look at the weaknesses of traditional e-games;

  • We can’t ensure that the website is fully transparent and the users are getting paid the actual winning price. That depends on the game developer’s integrity.
  • All the terms and conditions are defined and controlled by the game developers, players don’t have the power to be involved in terms and conditions. But the developers have the right to change and modify them.

Blockchain technology addresses those issues in following ways.

  • Terms and conditions are pre-defined and written in smart contracts and no one can intervene or modify them without a proper authority.
  • Both the game and the prize distributions have occurred in an independent blockchain based environment and no one can interfere with the process. As a result, anybody cannot manipulate results.
  • Results are getting recorded on the real time base. So players can check results at any time.

Egretia Blockchain

Accordingly, Blockchain e-gaming platforms must be included the following main features that create unique value for its users.

  • Token-based payment method
  • All the virtual game assets and the logics are stored and traded by Blockchain itself
  • Smart contracts are used to ensure the integrity and transparency

Even though Egretia has all the above features it tries to look beyond the normal Blockchain based technology as it’s complex and expensive. This is an attempt to building a combination between H5 technology and Blockchain technology to create a comprehensive Blockchain based game development tool. This is the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform that targeted to bring 200,000 developers and one billion HTML5 terminals to the Blockchain world.

Egretia works together with Egret Technologies who are the pride owners often workflow products including Egret runtime, Egret Wing, Egret Inspector and DragonBones. Egret technology involves in HTML5 workflow development from past four years and they are working with 200,000+ developers worldwide.

Egretia allows all the HTML5 games to access into the world’s first complete blockchain suite via the Egretia Blockchain interface framework. Not only that, they expect to expand this interface to support Ethereum, EOS and other public chins in the future.

Egretia has developed four main platforms to build up a healthy ecosystem for its users. They are namely Distributed communications and storage cloud platform, game distribution platform, Virtual goods trading platform and Egretia advertising platform together with Egretia Incubator.

Egretia uses its Egreten tokens as their official currency within the platform. They expect to release 8,000 million tokens. Pre-sale registration is now open and you can get registered if you are interested. The minimum contribution for pre-sale will be started from 100ETH. Public sale is planned to be started on 26th May 2018 to 30th May 2018. The minimum contribution for the main sale starts from 0.1ETH. Total of Eight trillion tokens would be distributed among the participants as follows.

Egretia Token Distribution

  • 39% via token sales
  • 27% for founders
  • 20% for the team, contributors, and advisors
  • Remaining 14% for marketing and business partners

The funds collecting through the token sales would be deployed for the platform development as follows.

  • 55% for technical developments of the platform and research
  • 30% for marketing and business development
  • 10% to cover operational expenses
  • Remaining 5% for ensuring legal compliances

The management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation of the core team members.

Peter Huang – Founder

Peter is an expert in IT and his profile says that he was the technical manager for Adobe Flash platform. Not only that, he possesses eighteen years of experiences in internet project and game development.

Dirk Meyer – Co-Founder

Dirk has obtained his master’s degree from Eberhard-Karls-University with a first class distinction and he possesses more than twenty years of experiences in global project management. He works as a senior program manager for Adobe and made a great contribution to Adobe strategic business and innovation programs.

Yin Ma

Yin is a compiler and toolchain expert, entrepreneur and a Qualcomm senior staff engineer who possesses more than 20 years of experiences in compiler development of operating system platforms. He has worked for Microsoft, Absoft, etc.

Ross Przybylski

Ross is the founder of D20Studios and former producer of Electronic arts and he accompanies more than ten years of experiences in game development and software development.

Other than that Lucas Lu, Frank Lee, Hongfei Tian and Yong Yao empower the platform as the advisors.

The team is working to achieve the following targets before the second quarter of the year 2020.

  • Releasing test development tools, test chain, and smart contract
  • Launching the first Egretia Blockchain game and application
  • Releasing Alpha version of the Blockchain
  • Launching the digital wallet    
  • Releasing the main game platform
  • Releasing the Egretia virtual goods trading platform, and advertising platform
  • Incorporating Ethereum, EOS and other chains into the Egretia interface.

Egretia is not just a concept; they have already launched the Beta test of the platform. The team invites you to be taken part voluntarily.  

For More About Egretia:
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