What is 100xCoin? | 100xCoin is the Last Alt Gem Moonshot


An Overview of the 100xCoin

Increasing the market capitalization to more than $1 billion is a relatively simple task. They are continuing in the footsteps of their forefathers, similar to how Facebook surpassed MySpace. If their peers are reaching for the moon, $100x is aiming for the sun.

$100x is a Binance Smart Chain-based deflationary coin. The coin has a conversion fee of 7%, which is divided between burn functions, automated liquidity pool creation, and a production wallet.

History of 100xCoin

In March of 2021, Ken the Crypto established and released 100xCoin as $Elo. Ken has been teaching his followers how to buy and sell cryptocurrency since the first bull run in 2017. After making six figures trading cryptocurrency in a year, he founded a slew of businesses, including a lucrative digital marketing firm.

He is the first crypto influencer to create and launch a coin on the Binance Smart Chain. Although other creators were afraid to reveal their faces, Ken demonstrated how a doxxed owner would lead a DeFi culture.

Because of the unprecedented openness in the creation of the 

cryptocurrency, the $Elo group outgrew the tokenomics of the initial coin and moved to $100xCoin with better tokenomics for long-term growth.

100xcoin benefits


The community is still increasing and evolving, but at the time of this writing, 100xCoin values certain traits uncommon in DeFi:

  • Transparency
  • Sustainability 
  • Education
  • Supporting other Communities
  • And Shilling. They value shilling 


However, in all honesty, the $100xCoin ecosystem has organically matured into a network of people who respect project sustainability. Together on Live Streams with Ken, the whole team has gained valuable insight into how cryptocurrencies are created, sold, and operated. What other group has kept a market cap of less than $10 million for a week simply because it was safer for the project’s long-term growth? 

Members of the Community to Be Targeted

If capital tends to move away from concentrated finance, such as banks, ATMs, and piggy banks, $100x focuses on adding two distinct classes to their community:

First-time cryptocurrency investors who have never traded in the past. They believe they must inform potential investors on the ins and outs of cryptocurrency investing and encourage them to buy coins safely. As always, they recommend DYOR and risking just what you can expect to risk.

This year, cryptocurrency experts profited from several high-growth investments. We value the accomplishments of other cultures and invite them into the 100x ecosystem. These participants are useful for training beginners and still increasing the token’s worth.

This network of community representatives would have 100x the peer group needed for future use case plans.

Distribution & Tokenomics

The initial availability of $100x tokens is 935,312,500,000,000, which is spread to wallet holders with no reserve for creators or developers. All $100x are readily available for purchase or sale. The tokenomics of $100xCoin are as follows (according to official $100x information):

  • 3.5% burn per transaction
  • 2% automatic burn
  • 1.5% is reserved for manual burns. 
  • 2% automatic liquidity pool generation
  • 1.5% marketing and development allocation


In conclusion

It’s essential to note that $100x began as a meme coin with little utility in mind. They will progress past this stage only with the community’s continued help. At the same time, there are adoption hazards inherent in every DeFi initiative. The team is managing such uncertainties by relying on accountability and environmental principles while making choices for all $100x investors.

With Ken, the Crypto’s, and the community’s governance, $100x has the potential to be the greatest DAO on the Binance Smart Chain.

100xcoin team

For More Information About 100xCoin

Website: https://www.100xcoin.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/100XCoin_
Telegram Group: https://t.me/CoinCampaign100x
Whitepaper: https://100xcoin.gitbook.io/100xcoin/

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