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Identity verification is extremely difficult and routine job. We spend a great deal of time to fill up all the fields in an application form and afterward we invest a lot of time to obtain a response to our request from the company. Very typically verification process takes about days and even weeks and this is not convenient for the individual.

Moreover, many individuals deal with loss or theft of their information. I’m sure that the majority of you could keep in mind at the very least one such event in your life. I think that such circumstances need to have no area worldwide of high modern technologies.

Velix ID is a multileveled blockchain-based system, which offers Identity verification as well as storage space for personal information and also makes this process simple, secure as well as fast.

The Velix ID platform is user-oriented. You pass one-time complete verification on the platform, and then you should only confirm it in the system whenever it’s essential. This feature is readily available because of the distinct ID that obtains every user in the community when he/she fills the individual data. It’s extremely practical!

Along with lowering time and labor expenses, you get a perk of personal privacy security. On the one side, you could check your individual information at any moment, due to the fact that the data source is improved the Blockchain basis, on the other side, your individual information is encrypted and also only you have access to it or those participants to which you licensed accessibility.

This solution likewise will certainly work to the firms, since they do not have to keep the team who process verification applications, as well as there is no should think of where as well as how you can keep customer information. These measures will substantially lower firms’ costs as well as increase effectiveness. Therefore, making use of such system has clear benefits for both sides.

All operations on the Velix ID blockchain is executed by calling features on wise contracts. Smart contracts on the blockchain, likewise called self-executing contracts, are computer system codes with an ability to instantly implement commitments and also terms of a contract without calling for an intermediary– essentially relegating control to a computer system program– a crucial requirement for developing any kind of sort of trust framework among events who don’t otherwise trust each various other. A Velix.ID Smart contract is basically an automated agent that survives the Velix ID network has a Velix.ID address and also equilibrium, and could send and also get deals. A contract is “triggered” every single time somebody sends a purchase to it, whereupon it runs its code, perhaps customizing its inner state or even sending out some transactions, and then closes down.

Velix ID Team

Velix ID Team

Webpage: https://www.velix.id/


ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2721724.msg27846809#msg27846809

Telegram: https://t.me/velixID

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VXDID/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VelixId

Github: https://github.com/velix-id

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