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The Soar platform is sound into an rising market chance to become the leading open marketplace for drone content together with icon and video content. Currently, most drone operators solely use one channel to sell their content: on commission from a client. Moreover, in several instances this content is proscribed to localized markets. This matched approach to sourcing drone content limits the chance for drone operators to sell to alternative interested parties or organizations while not it having to be re-flown.

The Soar platform’s approach can enable drone operators to doubtless grow drone content sale and validation to a worldwide scale and unlock the potential worth in underutilized drone footage. With its distinctive approach to validation of the drone content, consumers apprehend precisely wherever and once drone content was collected and also the blockchain technology ensures the integrity of this info is well verified.

The strength of the Soar platform comes from nearly a decade of development driven by the core objective to democratise geospatial technology to any potential user. throughout this era, the event team behind the Soar platform have launched many extremely triple-crown industrial mapping applications that have sceptred tens of thousands of users from over eighty countries within the assortment, visual image, and analysis of geospatial information.The Soar platform has evolved from a military pedigree once, in 2015, the Soar team were approached by the U.S. Department of Defense to submit different mapping technologies on the rear of the growing range folks Marines and military units that needed geospatial applications in plan of action things. The U.S. military expressed interest in any developing this application so it may run on a warfighters mobile device like a pill and radically enhance period of time geospatial awareness between plan of action units within the field.

Market applications for drone content square measure broad and embrace industries such as:

  • Infrastructure management
  • Mining
  • Insurance
  • Environmental
  • Agriculture, biological science & fisheries
  • Oil & gas
  • News, business enterprise & entertainment
  • Property and real estate
  • Power & utility management
  • Emergency services
  • Security & law enforcement
  • Scientific analysis

Soar may be a localized world marketplace which will revolutionise the worth, applications and significance of virtually all drone content. The Soar platform can unlock antecedently suppressed, unutilised and for the most part inaccessible industrial worth of drone content, whereby one information transfer may represent AN infinite range of business applications, facilitating an improbable validation chance for existing homeowners of drone content. This changes the present trade paradigm of a matched group action on a contractile or commissioned basis to a very three-party dimension. The Soar platform will hold many alternative kinds of information content including:

  1. Still representational process at any viewing angle
  2. Video content at completely different resolution
  3. Aerial maps giving a bird’s eye read of the ground
  4. Specialised content like multispectral, measuring instrument and thermal representational process.

In order to grow the Soar platform, we are going to be conducting a token generation event (TGE). The SKYM token are compliant with the ERC20 customary and distributed on the Ethereum blockchain. The SKYM token also will be distributed among users of the platform for the aim of seeding the Soar platform with each drone content suppliers, similarly as shoppers. As antecedently noted, the SKYM token may be a utility token that gives access to a good vary of crowd sourced, and sponsored drone content. because the Soar platform evolves, SKYM also will enable access to a variety of services delivered through Soar like those planned for the Mapping App Store and also the content selling channels. moreover, eligibility for turning into a SkySponsor needs holding a stake in SKYM tokens to make sure that SkySponsors square measure unconditional within the health of the platform.

SkySponsor Model

An issue that most blockchain based technology face is the barrier to entry and friction during the onboarding process. Here this is mainly the cost of writing to the blockchain and the cost of online file hosting. The SkySponsor model removes the complexities and costs of interacting with a decentralized market. The only requirement for users to become SkySponsors is that they hold a pre-defined number of SKYM ensuring their stake in the marketplace. As a reward for sponsoring content, they share a portion of the revenue their content generates. The content creator submits his content, and once approved by a SkySponsor it is published on the Soar platform. This allows creators to contribute content for free, covers blockchain writing and file hosting costs and sponsors to get a share of revenue.

SkySponsors also bring accountability and credibility to the network as each sponsor has his own criteria to approve content, and his reputation, as well as finances, are dependent on the quality of content. It also allows users who do not own drones to get involved in the community and generate revenue from the platform. With increasing popularity passive generation of revenue increases and market competitiveness increases which means more profits down the line. This model also states that data hosting is the responsibility of the Sponsor, which can be done themselves or as by acquiring the services of third parties like Alibaba. In the second case, if the content is accepted, it is stored in the sponsor’s Alibaba cloud and costs are paid otherwise it is deleted.

The Soar platform is still under development and is available as a website and as a mobile application which can be used to access the database for images, videos and terrain plotting. Drone usage is compliant with all regulations implemented concerning them and is the responsibility of the operator as Soar is just a content marketplace.


The core team at Soar comprises experienced and technically able experts of the industry like  CEO & Founder Amir Farhand, Neil Prentice – Blockchain & Commercialization, Chris Lowe – Lead blockchain Scientist, Charlie Caruso – Head of global marketing, and developers Willem Swanepoel, Marek Tlacbaba, and Alsdair Penman.


Advisors to the core team at Soar include Colonel James Rhetta Retd US Army, Phil Carulli, Guy Perkins, Craig Baldner, and Tommy Shin.


Soar has seen investment from large and popular firms and corporations like Alibaba Cloud, Takor Group, JRRCrypto, lateral Capital Ventures, viaBit, Maxar, and Node Capital.

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