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Builderium Review

Currently most of industries or sectors are highly using technological and construction industry also undergo that category which use technological advancement. The market is fully comply with new techniques, tools and strategies which have grate capability to growth and expansion of the industry.

But this market is far behind what comes in future and yet more has to be done. The quality and easiness of the services will be highly required but, when that comes with that requirements the cost and other effort should be very high. Most of the industries now being digitalized their most processes. Such industries are Healthcare, Financial, and Transportation but, construction industry still remains in old fashioned way and their communication and advertisement are in generic way which haven’t no centralized regional or global platform.     

Currently construction industry have these problems  

  1. Competition is making more difficult to find clients.
  2. Construction workers can find job offers from their home.
  3. Clients doesn’t have sure about quality of workers whom they going to hire and prices also too high.    

Because of these types of problems, Builderium is the solution for both clients and construction workers. Builderium is a   digitalized platform which connects companies which are in the construction works with their local clients for long term or temporary projects. By using builderium companies or anyone attached to it can match professional’s profiles based on skill or location or experience or all of it.  

Current state of Construction industry

  • There are several Technological advancement yet to be discovered and surely construction industry has to improve better way.
  • Building contractors doesn’t have any proper advertising channel and they are lack of awareness about that. Most of construction industries doesn’t have any good marketing plan or strategies to give awareness to clients and other interested parties also.
  • Lack of building contractors who has online active portfolios and it is very hard to find out information regarding construction industry.
  • Most clients and contractors doesn’t have trust each other because of this, industry has drastic problem to get trusty workers or clients to complete projects.  
  • These days security of payment also in trouble and mostly payment will be incredibly unsafe due to involvement of third parties.    
  • Current freelancer platforms doesn’t give flexibility to negotiate and conclude.    
  • Lack of genuine skilled professional for projects and that will raise another problem that unskilled and fake peoples will come and that will create trust problem also.   

How Builderium works to overcome those drawbacks.

builderium technology

Clients can submit thee detailed summary of their projects. Then relevant professional will assessed project proposals and that will processed in reverse auction. Then then after clients can get work with lowest bid submitted. And also contractors can bid to any projects and construction workers can browse construction jobs       

Builderium attached to construction projects via Reverse Auctions

What is a Reverse Auction?

Reverse auction process is involving bidding is done by building contractor to jobs posted on platform by an individual or business entity while convectional auction is process like seller reduces the price of his goods or services until he sees the buyer matches his price. On builderium anyone can post about their construction projects and numerous clients who available can apply to job and client states the minimum amount he must be spend.

There are several benefits by builderium platform to clients, construction workers as well as contractors.  

  1. Payment transaction in more secure with blockchain technology more safe to users.  
  2. We can explore most experienced skilled individuals around the globe.
  3. There will be a good security for properties and assets by paying deposits before placing bids.
  4. We can explore different kind of construction services on builderium platform.
  5. Users can pay for services by cryptocurrency unique to “BUILD”

Token Model

BUILD is the cryptocurrency available in builderium and total amount this token is 23000 ETH and 20% of it made available in pre – ICO time and 60% of other eventually provided to public and other 20% will be allocated to advisors and other core teams. This BUILD token can be used not only on builderium platform but also on Builderium.com platform.  

builderium team

builderium crowdsale

For More Details of Builderium ICO:
Official Website: https://builderium.io
Whitepaper: https://builderium.io/img/Builderium_Whitepaper_26_07.pdf
Telegram: https://telegram.im/@BuilderiumCommunity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Builderium
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4685040.0



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