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What is Albetrage Platform

WHY ALBETRAGE – The end of exploitative betting 


Bettors today are still searching for where they’re going to make gains, but we already know that too many end up sacrificing their money. And the few who manage to earn big end up getting reprimanded by betting platforms by restricting their profiles or closing them altogether. 

Many betting platforms never wanted you to win big money, they guarantee massive payouts, but they make it impossible for you to win. Put it like this; they’re exploiting you, eating the fattest cow, and even giving you scraps to feed. Everything that’s about to shift, they want to put control in your hands, you can make winning a habit. 

Albetrage Platform 


This was created to disrupt the betting business by leveraging cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Today, the betting market is not only fractured but still exploitative. They make promises to make bettors wealthy, then use every trick in their book to confuse and deceive consumers, having them risk more than they win. We believe that betting will potentially be a means of revenue for both bookies and betting companies. 

Albetrage would place leverage in the possession of the bettors, avoiding exploitations. This can be achieved by cultivating a self-sustaining platform that everybody can bet on winning with trust. It will provide the broader global population with options to gamble on a sport that will allow bookies and betting companies to share betting profits correspondingly. It creates a complete change in the world of sports betting by eliminating total control from the bookies. 

Some of their features are:  


  • ANONYMOUS BETTING: Albetrage has been developed to preserve the privacy of our customers. They’re not interested in your identity; they just want you to succeed. 
  • GLOBAL MARKETS: ATE Tokens are used to allow quicker transfers and break the regional constraints associated with fiat payment. 
  • BIGGEST ODDS: They give the biggest chances in the world, they don’t decrease your odds like the rest of the planet, and they raise it to equal their reduction. 
  • LOWEST FEES: Bettors incur the lowest fees you can find everywhere, meaning you can hold 99.99 percent of your winnings. 
  • 24/7 SUPPORT: The Albetrage Platform has highly qualified Client Service Agents, who are readily willing to help you fix any problems. 


About ATE Tokens 


ATE Token is the core of the Albetrage platform, a community-driven decentralized cryptocurrency operated by a transparent TRC-20 consensus mechanism on the Tron blockchain to facilitate the link between blockchain and betting. Ate token can help Albetrage crack the position barrier that has become a major impediment to many bettors around the world. It can be transferred from peer to peer without interruption and conveniently exchanged on all major cryptocurrency exchanges. 

About Teams and Partners 


The Albetrage team consists of 13 sleepy punters from 3 nations and 7 blockchain experts and consultants. They all had one thing in common; they were worried about wasting money on certain betting sites. They were inspired to bring an end to the suffering of many punters all over the planet. They decided to build a forum where anyone could bet on winning with trust. After months of conversation and brainstorming, Albetrage came to life. 

It was founded out of outrage with the betting business and its layers of corruption and manipulation. They perfected the art of utilizing odds to confuse and exploit bettors, implicitly having bettors pick what they (bookies) want them to choose. They place their odds in such a way that they will tell you what you’re going to bet on. They realize you’re going to fail much of your bets.

All in all, you can make big profits by betting, and Albetrage will help you with it by removing all the barriers. 

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