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The capitalisation of crypto markets presently stands at c. $400 billion. An extra $ 200 billion of plus might enjoy a comprehensive digital wealth management solutions as a result of issues within the ancient asset and wealth management industries. this implies that the overall market chance is c. $600 billion, and this market continues to be growing exponentially.

Currently, the crypto market could be a vast market with over $ 400 billion of capitalization. it’s potential to shop for and sell cryptocurrencies exploitation over-the-counter facilities or directly on many digital exchanges around the globe. many countries like Japan, Singapore, Gibraltar, Schweiz area unit additional hospitable to digital investors than others.

MPCX Wealth Management Platform Benefits

MPCX could be a digital blockchain driven monetary services platform. MPCX future aim is to combine all crypto monetary services into one place. MPCX is intended to service entities’ and individual’s desires within the areas of digital wealth management, cryptocurrency exchange and commerce, digital banking, cryptanalysis and ICO promotion, and crypto loaning. within the short-run, MPCX can produce a blockchain-driven localised scheme to manage innovative investors’ portfolios of crypto assets. In lightweight of this market scenario with a large demand for and an awfully restricted provide of economic management solutions. They tend to determine to make the MPCX Platform to service the market opportunities.

The platform can create all the subsequent crypto services on the market in one place:

    • Fully digital consumer onboarding to scale back prices and supply clients’ with friendly services.
    • Digital cryptocurrency exchange for the highest one hundred cryptocurrencies by market cap.
    • Crypto payments, transactions and banking solutions.
    • Custody and notecase solutions to produce secure responsibility of clients’ funds.
    • Three sepulchre o investable indices, sepulchre o AI fund, crypto ETN’s, ICO’s.
    • MPCX commerce Solutions can provide full access to the merchandising platform, arbitrage system, a commerce terminal and reportage.
    • A digital wealth management platform can provide rob informatory through its “Digital good Investment Mandate” which is able to deliver automatic portfolio rebalancing, crypto loaning methods and reportage.
    • MPCX’s ICO promotion and analysis platform can provide the 2 level accesses to ICOs with full Industrial coverage.
    • MPCX’s crypto loaning platform that embraces receiver marking and match loans with lenders potential.

Tokenization could be a method by that real or digital assets and connected rights area unit registered on a ledger of a particular blockchain. Technically a Token could be a unit of registered price.

Pre ICO special XDMC Token value, XDMC per one ETH = 30 998. Tokens allotted to the team area unit subject to a 3-year vesting amount. every six months around Revolutionary Organization 17 November of tokens are going to be allotted. Within the event of the exploit, a team member won’t be allotted tokens and people tokens are going to be reserved for brand new members.

The portion of XDMC Tokens from the token generating event that may not be distributed throughout all of the ICO spherical is going to be allotted to pre ICO and ICO participants on a proportionate basis once every round. To participate within the Token allocation, you merely got to hold all XDMC Tokens bought throughout ICO.


DISCLAIMER: The tokens described on this website (“XDMC”) are only open to buyers outside of the United States who are not U.S. citizens or residents and U.S. “accredited investors” (through an offering made in accordance with Regulation D, Rule 506(c) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended). In purchasing XDMC through a 506(c) offering, we are obligated to verify any participating U.S. resident token buyer’s status as an “accredited investor” in accordance with Rule 501 of Regulation D. Token buyers should consider the XDMC purchase objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the fund carefully before buying XDMC. More details about XDMC are available in the Whitepaper and the Terms & Conditions (“T&C”).


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