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Bixtrimis anticipated to make cryptocurrencies available as well as usable each day and also establish an ecosystem of monetary instruments in order to get hold of the benefits of the electronic economic situation. This can be accomplished by creating multifunctional platform with attributes, services and products, which will be progressed for crypto-market.

When Bixtrimis project peep into the society, it has been identified several problems which are prevailing in the society. They are,

  • It is difficult to exchange cryptocurrencies instantly
  • Selling cryptocurrency today can be considered as loss of potential gain since the prices of coins are rising constantly.
  • There is no any pre-determined date for the trading. Therefore it creates barriers for brokers to enter cryptomarket
  • It takes sometimes to transfer cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another and limited numbers of transactions are occurred.
  • Transactions are confirmed with single-factor authentication that leads to less security, easy hacking, cyber-attacks and theft of cryptocurrencies from wallets of exchange platforms.
  • There is no any guarantee regarding the pre-payment. It is not sure that whether the ordered products in a correct specification will receive or not.
  • Existing systems have Limited connection of crypto market with retail market
  • In European and post Soviet Union countries income taxes are a bit higher and therefore cryptocurrency owners have to pay higher taxes when cashing out the coins and transferring them to accounts in those countries

Bixtrim team has come up with solutions for the above problems by analyzing the market specifics, tendencies, products and service offers. Those solutions can be listed out as follows,

  • Bixtrim facilitates to cash out cryptocurrencies in minutes from the cash desks. It provides network of service centers that provides easy access to any party.
  • Bixtrim will provide pawning facility for a period of time and once it is paid out the commitment, it will release the coin. With this option people would be able to have cash when they want while getting their long term profit as well.
  • Bixtrim will create futures contracts to facilitate the pre-determined transactions.  
  • Bixtrim will provide a platform to process at least 100K transactions a second with a global cryptocurrency
  • Bixtrim will issue a coin with the feature of multi-factor authentication. This will reduce the risk of theft almost to zero. This is very simple and so easy to adopt.
  • Bixtrim will issue a coin with exclusive and innovative Escrow feature. It has an option for third party to ensure the transaction. When the payment is made by Bixtrim coin the system itself will guarantee to receive the relevant product to the customer.
  • Bixtrim will issue a plastic card that is directly link with Bixtrim coin and other cryptocurrencies. This card contains specific features such as, usability in online shops, ATMs, PoS terminals and has a high daily limit. Further, when the plastic card is used, following – coins will be directly converted to cash at current rate in real time.
  • Because of the plastic card, cash is not used and it is not considered as the income. Therefore the users can get rid of the income tax.

Following benefits are there to BXM token holders based on the success of the Bixtrim project since it will provide lower commissions on exchange platform, lower commissions in pawnshop and it can be exchanged to new cryptocurrency.

  • Increasing  price stability of BXM token
  • leading to higher value of their token assets

The Token use in this project is called as BXM and emission will be 72 000 000 tokens. Ethereum is the Blockchain platform using in the token distribution and the Token standard is ERC20.The total token supply is divided in to several phases.

Bixtrim - Token Distribution and Sales Process

  • Sale with discount – 10 800 000 tokens
  • Sales at original price – 42 800 000 tokens
  • for referral bonuses and lottery drawing – 6 500 000 tokens
  • for Bounty and Airdrop program – 720 000 tokens
  • for co-founders, partners and advisors – 11 180 000 tokens

The funds raised from the Token distribution are used for administration, PR and Marketing, software development and for deposits.

Bixtrim has four main goals to be achieved in four stages. Those goals can be identified as,

  • Development of Exchange Platform
  • Launching Pawnshop & Futures Feature and Improving Exchange Platform
  • Issuing New Coin, Improving the Exchange Platform and getting Banking License and
  • Finally at the final stage, Issuance of Plastic Cards & Improvements of the Exchange Platform.

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For More Details of Bixtrim ICO:
Official Website: https://www.bixtrim.com/en
Whitepaper: https://www.bixtrim.com/assets/pdf/whitepaper-en.pdf
Telegram: https://twitter.com/bixtrim_llc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bixtrim_llc
Medium: https://medium.com/@bixtrim


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