eXdorado Exchange rate | Brings a new standard to the industry

Exdorado may be a community-driven and new generation exchange and offer best exchange rate  for everybody. Master customer mercantilism with the powerful mercantilism engine and participate into the eXdorado journey by taking part to the localized governance. EXdorado Exchange permits to trade cryptocurrencies quickly and safely. Together with competitive benefits, eXdorado aims to bring a replacement commonplace to the business and redefine it. Exdorado improves the protection by inventing 3FA, change its governance with community deciding and distribute to holders its profits.

eXdorado aims to become the favorite exchange and offers best crypto exchange rate within the crypto-community. So as to realize this, to square measure about to produce a whole system, totally localized, wherever every token holder of EXD can have stake within the exchange’s governance. If were asked to explain eXdorado in a very few sentences.

    1. Localized governance, each call ought to be approved by the community. The fees (listings, mercantilism fees) are additionally set by our token holders.
    2. Dividends on mercantilism fees, listings and overall internet profits of eXdorado
    3. Secured platform for ICOs funding
    4. Live mercantilism, allowing 1.100.000+ trades per second. This may be multiplied over the years
    5. It are going to cowl every of those four points

Like sveral exchanges these days, by holding our tokens, you’ll receive monthly dividends on eXdorado mercantilism fees. To differentiate eXtorado from alternative exchanges by to far more additional. Receive 100 percent of mercantilism fees (with eXdorado Shares token) associate degreed five hundredth of listing fees (shared listing fees solely with an eXdorado card). To clarify it merely, anyone will earn mechanically each piece of profits gained by the exchange.

Before going additional, eXtorado want to gift you the way eXdorado card works.  styles of eXdorado cards square measure obtainable. Every card offers right to listing fees and alternative special options like 3FA and a bonus of tokens for the ICO. 3FA adds a level of security on exchange account another step of authentication with a novel variety written on your card. Other options are declared shortly.

eXdorado system

ICO brooder: On ICO incubator, every project can need to

Respect criteria’s (assess project feasibility), and that can handle legal components. If a project is chosen, associate degree ICO are launched on the platform and that bring experience and skills to the team

Mobile and desktop app: trade home or the bus, because of eXtorado apps.

API: It is going to enable traders to trade on mobile app and develop mercantilism algorithms.

    • Classic card, unlimited cards available: 3FA
    • Gold card, one thousand cards available: 100 percent of listing fees + 3FA + 100 percent ICO bonus
    • Platinum card, one hundred cards available: two hundredth of listing fees + 3FA + two hundredth ICO bonus
    • Founder card, ten cards available: half-hour of listing fees + 3FA + thirty fifth ICO bonus These listing fees square measure shared between the eXdorado cards holders.

The other four-hundredth listing fees square measure reserved for eXdorado exchange.

eXdorado tokens

eXdorado Shares

This token can grant holders a right for 100 percent of mercantilism fees, distributed monthly as dividends. Tokens are distributed like this after token sale:

eXdorado Trade

This token is entirely dedicated to the community.

95% delivery

5% bounty program

It can provide mercantilism fees discounts on the mercantilism platform (50% discount). This may be additionally associate degree ERC20 token. EXT provide are 100M.

eXdorado can have a novel governance system because of the EXS token. The exchange also will have a replacement generation mercantilism engine, capable of handling one.100.000 TPS (trades per second). eXdorado also will give a pleasant and powerful UI for each beginner and confirmed traders.

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