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Over the past decade creating real life experiences, social media has allowed us to possess international speech communication in contrast to something we’ve ever seen. For the primary time, individuals are able to learn something nearly instantly – explore new concepts, strive new hobbies, have interaction and detain bit with friends and members of the family living abroad. As time passed, they tend to may see that the progress and evolution of social networks came with a value.

Psychologists and scientists studied and determined that social media is changing into progressively addictive and, if used as a replacement for universe interaction, is extremely unhealthy. The addictive nature is well explained. After all, after you socialize over the net, there’s less risk of hurtful rejection or humiliation.

How Kuende Creating Real Life Experiences

The foundation of Kuende is that the Gamified Real-World Challenge with creating real life experiences

Most challenges can involve a physical location and action or actions to be taken at that location. Each challenge is formed in such the way that users receive diversion from the expertise, thence the term “Gamified”. Given the infinite prospects of locations, hobbies, skills and actions that may be taken within the universe, Kuende challenges have the potential to make limitless fun and fascinating social interactions.

These challenges, whether or not interest-specific or broad-appeal can fall under four major categories:


Social challenges can mix on-line socialization with physical socialization in fun and artistic ways in which. we tend to foresee them centring around niche-based interests, hobbies and activities, like meeting at a deposit, speed geological dating events, a coffee bar hosting challenges encouraging individuals to satisfy new friends, or learning a brand new talent that’s inherently social, like singing or creating pottery.

Personal Development

Studies show that Millennials and Generation Z price their personal development a lot of thus than different generations. It is to believe a number of this comes from the envy that social media evokes. Once children see others in their contemporaries blow their own horns their superior physical look, wealth or intelligence, it will cause painful feelings of inadequacy.


We anticipate most of the challenges in Kuende ( Real Life Experiences ) are created for the most purpose of diversion. Whereas others can have a component of fun to the combination. Just a few of the activities they are able to imagine are: movies, music festivals, competitive games, out of doors hobbies and increased reality games like Pokémon Go.


Philanthropic challenges are an exquisite thanks to nurturing a way of trust and community among Kuende platform. They gather users around social, cultural, political or environmental problems. And, they permit users to feel what it’s preferred to create a distinction in their community.

The Kuende ( Real Life Experiences ) scheme should be sturdy enough to support a healthy and prosperous micro-economy. Optimizing this economy and empowering the Kuende stakeholders to require a vigorous role in maintaining and growing this scheme needs a powerful, platform-dependent system of giving incentives and engagement.

Kuende ( Real Life Experiences ) could be a social media network that mixes the net options and charm of a social media platform along with real-world gamified challenges and an enclosed economy based mostly around 2 utility tokens – Kuende Tokens and Kuende Points:

The Kuende Token (KUE) are generated throughout our Initial Coin giving (ICO) as a utility token created for anyone that believes and supports our vision. It’ll conjointly influence the quantity of Kuende Points a user will earn by participating and interacting with the Challenges module.

The Kuende Points (Kp) are obtained and employed by any Kuende users among the platform. Its main purpose as a utility is to act as an in-app currency that rewards users for his or her active involvement and usage of the Kuende setting additionally as for collaborating in real-world events.

For More Details of Kuende:
Official Website: https://ico.kuende.com
Whitepaper: https://ico.kuende.com/documentation/Kuende_Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: http://t.me/kuende
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kuende_com
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4456371.0

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