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E-commerce has become a very important side to customers. Over the last four years, e-commerce has seen twenty five year-on year growth to become a US$2.315 trillion greenback business. Associate degree increasing variety of e-commerce platforms have emerged to displace ancient retailers as they make the most the convenience afforded by the raised property. Customers currently relish the good thing about discovering, examination and buying nearly something and having it delivered among hours or perhaps minutes.

The growth in international e-commerce can doubtless drive the demand for an improved walk delivery resolution. In 2016 alone, over sixty five billion parcels were shipped worldwide, that constitutes a forty eighth increase compared to 20143, this can be expected grow even faster because of the ecommerce boom. E-commerce platforms are seeking to enhance however they fulfil orders expeditiously and accurately on an outsized scale.

Challenges within the walk delivery sector

The traditional supply business is facing rising pressures to stay up with the strain from e- commerce and alternative industries.

High Parcel Delivery Failure Rate (Missed Delivery or Lost Parcels)

Parcel is also incomprehensible for each five.5 parcels delivered4. This high parcel delivery failure rate is attributed to the increasing quality from associate degree evolving life style and work patterns, folks are a lot of usually “on-the-go” and unable to be at a given location for a group time to gather incoming parcels.

It is determined that supply corporations within the walk delivery sector feel the strain on their existing fulfilment model as on-line customers demand for quicker and higher fulfilment experiences. Further redelivery tries for incomprehensible parcels greatly will increase the prices borne by supply corporations.

Low potency in Parcel Delivery

The existing air transportation system supply model is susceptible to inherent inefficiencies and delays that end in higher operational price and lower margins. The “Hub and Spoke” model, that involves delivering parcels from one warehouse to individual homes, is adopted by most supply corporations.

Vulnerable to any delays within the hub or any of the spokes, that additional dampens parcel delivery potency. Bigger synchronization and integration between participants is needed to additional improve the e-commerce expertise to fulfill current client demands, and to make the most the gains from potency enhancements.

Treatment of supply Couriers

That worth isn’t created and distributed to any or all participants within the supply scheme in an exceedingly sufficiently honest and clear manner. The welfare of on-demand staff, providing services as supply couriers, tend to be neglected below this model. With ancient industries being discontinuous by sharing economy model through the likes of Uber and Airbnb, Supply Corporation are currently turning to on-demand drivers to save lots of on fastened operational prices.

LogisticsX aims to develop a localized blockchain network with the vision of connecting international supply stakeholders as well as e-commerce retailers, third party supply, and people managing Parker purpose, individual’s couriers delivering parcels and parcel recipients in an exceedingly multiparty trust free network. LogisticsX can ask for to demonstrate however blockchain technology is wont to solve the challenges and faucet on the opportunities as mentioned within the preceding section. Supported a printed report by DHL and Accenture, blockchain technology has shown potential capabilities to enhance the transparency and traceability within the walk supply network.

LogisticsX Platform

How can LogisticsX amendment the walk Delivery Sector?

Introducing Freelance Stakeholders into the supply scheme

LogisticsX can introduce the conception of freelancers delivering parcels on associate degree adhoc basis between the gathering points and finish recipients. Freelancers might also prefer to use free areas in their homes or outlets to work parcel assortment points.

Creating Common international Standards between supply Stakeholders

Multiple integration standards between supply stakeholders conjointly end in poor potency of parcel delivery. It’s common to possess e-commerce retailers interact multiple 3PLs for parcel delivery and contrariwise. As a result, 3PLs could serve a large array of consumers, every adopting totally different integration frameworks. This issue is additional amplified once multiple 3PLs (global/regional/local) are concerned, particularly for cross-border parcel delivery.

LogisticsX Mobile and net Application

LogisticsX can setup a mobile and net application to contour relevant communications for users of the LogisticsX scheme, this may target Parkers, Runners, and parcel recipients. With the exception of existing delivery and assortment activities, the DApp-esque functionalities of our platform can empower users of the scheme with the flexibility to access their token store, contribution and activity statistics, and more. So as to confirm speedy rollout across all platforms, LogisticsX network are aiming towards a standard codebase compatible across iOS, humanoid and desktops, with a Rails quiet API backend.

LogisticsX Team

LogisticsX Partners

For More Details of LogisticsX :
Official Website: https://logisticsx.io
Whitepaper: https://logisticsx.io/documents/LogisticsX-Whitepaper-V1.4-11-June-2018.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/LogisticsX
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LogsXOfficial
Medium: https://medium.com/logisticsx



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