TokenPay ,Their goal is to solve problems that has Bitcoin at the moment: Huge fees. When you convert BTC to USD or vice versa, fee is few $ and more and that’s why Bitcoin is not yet used as a payment method. First of all, this is not new Bitcoin, TokenPay  have goal to become payment method with low fees.

TokenPay  also have a goal to make first bank that will help members to buy and sell ALTs easily with low fees.They already have functional wallet for iOS and Android. Also, they want to create exchange.White paper has 70 pages and it means that they did not make this overnight to raise funds run with money. Domain name is from 2004 and it is updated on 15th October this year. It means that they paid a lot of for domain. TokenPay Domain that is not free is very expensive if you do not know. So, they wanted that name , even if domain wasn’t free. A lot of good things, also good looking white paper with a lot of illustration that will help you to understand it easily, realistic road-map.

What I do not like?

TokenPay  are trying to be all in one. It could be great but it is hard to become. Payment method, bank, exchange, credit card…
If they are dedicated, this could be amazing coin to invest.
Is there something weird here?
Yes, it is bonus structure. TokenPay are offering in first phase 100% bonus :scream: and also 100% referral bonus. It is available by 14th December. Is this bad? Hmm, for example ETN ( Electroneum ) has offered 50% in first phase so if team is good, big bonus is just here to make promotion easier. After 14th December it will be 50%, then 25% and at the end 10%.

Will I invest?

Yes, I will because it looks promissing, also Telegram group looks good, I saw prediction for huge gain so who knows, if you think to invest, best time is now because 100% bonus is big and it would be stupid move to buy later when bonus is 10%. Why would you miss 90% if you know that you will buy coin?
How much will I invest? Probably $500-$2000 tonight and then read all site and all info about this.
I am not suggesting you to put huge money in. ICOs could be very profitable but also they are very risky. It doesn’t mean if ETN made nice uptrend that every ICO will do same.
If you have extra money, it would be good to put some money in and wait for few months. It looks nice at this moment but one more time ICOs are the riskiest investment.

You can register usingThis link:

I will write later more about bonus and what exactly bonus mean in promotions and is it bad to have big bonus or not. SO I suggest you to read that later.I hope this investment will make us nice profit. Good luck to all of us.
I will post tomorrow full review after I read all things on site and read others review so I will be able to imagine what others think and is there chance for this coin to make big boom in future.

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