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The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is changing the world as we know it at a rapid pace. More and more developers are introducing projects based on or incorporating this technology which is supported by funds acquired through ICO’s. This requires good and disciplined investing which is lacking. Investors are hesitant because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. Vertex aims to use the experience of veteran investors to vet ICO’s for investment. Leveraging investment in ICO’s most likely to succeed using its own token, Vertex aims to continuously inject funds into its ICO market creating an ecosystem for disciplined global investment. The ICO market has a mixed reputation in the public eye because of the failed ICOs, poor investment practices and most importantly lack of knowledge about the sector.

Vertex targets this sector giving people without expertise in ICO the option to invest as the vetting process is carried out by experts and a list of vetted options are available to them. This ensures lower risks and also brings in new investment guaranteeing fiat liquidity.

The fundamental characteristica are similar to th traditional system ie Buyers can choose projects to invest in, the tokens they wish to hold, and how they manage these tokens and projects. The diffetence is that they choose from a list of vetted projects, and Vertex can create an economy through its own coin, vetting process and purchase power. Users benefit from the preferential prices that Vertex obtains for them.

What is Vertex?

Vertex is the first ICO aftermarket and ecosystem that is a market for tokens selected as they are likely to appreciate and are a part of successful or profitable ventures. The aim behind Vertex is users can participate in ICOs and experience better returns on investments. Vertex offers users chance to buy great tokens not often available on open exchanges or those that have been sold out at better rates.  


Investors gain access to previously unreachable vetted projects that have higher expected returns through a single point of market entry. Normally users need to provide detailed credentials (KYC) before investing. 95% of ICO are not open to the public. Vertex counters these and makes it easier for new investors. Users can invest only in verified tokens that have a greater than average chance of succeeding and can invest even in closed ICO at better prices.

ICO that use Vertex gain disciplined, KYC pre-verified and experienced investors. They are rewarded with the Vertex Seal of Approval – a reputational boost, and free advertisement on the platform. They can also avail of consulting services and support while tokens are sold between ICO and listing.

The cryptocurrency community benefits in two main ways – The poor reputation of ICO is improved through vetting processes and funding from experienced investors combined with better returns. The second benefit is that institutional investors can be attracted bringing in more fiat liquidity.

How does it work?

The workflow begins with Vertex Capital, a private crypto management firm with UHNWI as clients which converts fiat into crypto and invests in ICO with a minimum of 35% as Vertex tokens. The core of the Vertex platform is that users are allowed to buy tokens at a fixed price without any discrimination between users. Vertex offers the best security available – a decentralized platform, ICO tokens held in cold storage and multi-signature wallets, 2F Authentication, and cryptographic security of data. Main features available on Vertex include Listing and rating of ICO by private equity firms, explanation of all evaluation steps, buy in functionality, option to purchase Vertex tokens, users can view upcoming ICO and receive notifications.  

How to use?

Users are required to create their accounts following KYC guidelines. Once approved the user can browse the platform and view details if required. After choosing, the user clicks “Buy Tokens” and a unique and personal ETH address is displayed where Vertex tokens are sent for purchase. This address has a life of just one transaction in order to ensure security. During the procurement process, the user registers the address from which he sends Vertex tokens and all purchased tokens are sent here. This is done in order to avoid random usage and this address can be changed as and when required. Confirmation of intent to buy is necessary but if done without transferring funds on three occasions may lead to an account freeze.

Tokens, Vetting, and Investment

Vertex offers all types of tokens except those concerned with the alcohol, tobacco or gambling industries. Security and utility tokens are offered as well as all required security initiatives. Third party investors can invest in tokens on the platform with the team. They can then trade these on the Vertex platform as this increases the supply of high-quality products.

VTEX Token sale ICO

Vertex collects all information about projects and through collaboration between the team and private equity firms categorizes them into two – ICO with merit but require small investment and ICO that require large investment but can transform the industry. Any firm can apply for investment at Vertex marketplace with the required documentation. Subject to pre-evaluation they will be submitted to the evaluation board.


The vertex team consists of dedicated professionals and investors working hand in hand. CEO –  Alessandro Pecorelli, President – Abdullah Al Othaim, Head of Business Development – Fahad Al Rajhi, CIO – Saud Al Jomaih, Head of Crypto Security – Waheeb Bajahmoum and Saeed Bin Laheg – Head of Marketing are some members of the core team. Advisors to the core team include blockchain veterans like Marc Kenigsberg, Kate Mitselmakher, Mark Friedler and Timo Trippler.

Vertex Team

Vertex has also teamed up with leading firms like ICO Producer, 4King, Mobiloitte, and Sum & Substance.

Vertex ICO Partners

For More Details of Vertex:
Official Website: https://vertex.market
Whitepaper: https://vertex.market/static/whitepaper/vertex_whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/Vertexmarkeplace
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vertexplatform
GitHub: https://github.com/VertexCapxDev
ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4630951.20



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