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Uchain Review

UCHAIN is a public infrastructure blockchain network specially designed for the global sharing economy, along with other sharing economy enterprises. The idea of building a network like UCHAIN is to build a decentralized sharing economy worldwide to sharing economy ecosystem where every user can exchange value and publish contents openly without intermediaries through UCHAIN as well as its decentralized environment. In this, all individuals and also merchants will certainly be equipped. Since if we understand the possibility of the sharing economic climate which is anticipated to get to 520 billion USD in 2018.

There are some reasons behind the existing global sharing economy faced some drawbacks.

# Excessive transaction cost

# The problem of trust

# Data leakage and abuse


Because of these problems, companies which involve with the sharing economy will take commissions from private providers, which leads to the increase of service costs. User data is also at risk of being leaked or theft in case intermediary companies sell user data for money or do not have a strong security system to prevent their data from being hacked.  

UCHAIN is the solution to these problems realizing the way to solve these issues will be through the implementation truly free peer to peer network with the combination of blockchain modern technology together with an underlying feeling of the sharing economy. UCAHIN creates a framework blockchain where info about the deal between consumers and also distributors along with their identity is saved. Also, large files will be partitioned into file fragments saved centralized by enterprises. As a result, it is challenging for hackers to hack the complete file of the network and enterprises cannot sell user data without being discovered.  

Initial coin offering (ICO) for UCHAIN is followed.

Token – UCN

Token type – ERC20

ICO Token Price – 1 UCN = 0.0973 USD (0.0002000ETH)

Fundraising Goal – 20,400,000 USD (42,000ETH)

Available for Token sale – 40%

Whitelist – YES (10 Jun – 16 Jun)

Know your customer – YES

Can’t participate – CHINA, USA

Min/Max personal cap – 2 ETH FIRST 24 HOURS, 0.5 ETH AFTER / 2 ETH FIRST 24 HOURS, 5 ETH AFTER


Accepts – ETH  


The token sale is planned to commence as follows.

June 10th: Whitelisting starts

June 20th: public presale starts

June 23rd: Public presale ends

July  10th: Crowdsale starts


Private sale –: 22,000 ETH with a 50% bonus, half the funds will be locked for 6 months.

Public presale -: 8,000 ETH with a 15% bonus, the bonus portion will be locked for 3 months.

Crowdsale -: 12,000 ETH with no bonus


Token allocation is 40% for token sale, 35% for the ecosystem, 15% for Team and 10% is reserved by the company.


UCHAIN team consists of advisors and core team. So UCHAIN has a large number of advisors. Most of them are from different capital groups such as Red pulse, Ledger capital, Draper Dragon, Badwater capital, ZJ capital.

UChain Team

  1. Ian Yu (Founder) : who senior software officer and managing level officer in several firms
  2. Grace Min (Founder) : CEO at U-Bicycle
  3. Will Zhou (chief technical officer) : Senior engineer at Telenav
  4. Jason Wu (Senior architecture) : Senior developing Engineer
  5. Chris Tao ( Chief Strategy officer) : Senior Enterprises strategist
  6. Benny Liao (Chief Product Officer) : Former Product director
  7. Mandy Chan (Chief Marketing Officer) : Brand manager
  8. Raviv Litman (Operation Director) : Operation Director at Dozenfresh

Uchain Partners


Ratings of UCHAIN according to Icogens.com are

Hype – Medium

Risk – Medium

ROI (Return of investment) – Medium

Term – Short

Isogens’ score – Medium  

More Details of Uchain ICO :
Official Website: https://uchain.world
Whitepaper: https://uchain.world/css/img/pdf/uchain-whitepaper-dbe5656d6c.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/UchainEcosystem
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UChainEcosystem
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/UChain
Medium: https://medium.com/@uchain



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