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Blockchain is the technology of the millennium. With each passing day, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is on the rise as more and more people have discovered it to be a profitable and engaging avenue for investment. In addition to the hugely popular Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are multiple other available coins based on protocols set by them like the ERC 20 standard. Using the power of the blockchain, these currencies make transactions faster, decentralized, effective and traceable. Transaction records are stored on the blockchain and are visible to all but cannot be modified by anyone, thus ensuring security and eliminating fraud. Further, with the use of secure multi-level encryption techniques like 2FA, user data is also secured.

The cryptocurrency sector today has a market value of $400 billion and can be traded at exchanges across the globe. Even though countries like Japan and Switzerland are welcoming new digital investors, few issues still exist due to the relative youth of the sector. The two type of investors found are mainly Innovative investors who live in the crypto world and perform all activities from rent, purchase and sales and fortune management using currency like BTC, ETH etc and Ordinary investors who invest in crypto in addition to fiat.

Innovative investors face issues like the lack of availability of transparent and high-quality wealth digital management services and the insufficient widening of use cases for cryptocurrencies.

Ordinary investors also face numerous obstructions to smooth investment like difficulty in establishing banking relationships, long and tiresome verification processes, lack of knowledge and experience in new tech as well as transparency, low rate of innovation and limited access to alternative investment.

Since there are so many viable options for investment with an equal number of issues in the cryptocurrency space, the need of the hour is for an efficient wealth management platform. The solution? MPCX.

MPCX is a blockchain driven financial services platform developed with the aim of becoming the first to aggregate all crypto-based financial services together under one roof. MPCX is designed to serve the needs of entities and individuals related to digital wealth management, cryptocurrency exchange and trading, digital banking, crypto research and ICO promotion, and crypto lending. MPCX also has the short-term goal of establishing a decentralized ecosystem to manage the digital assets of its investors. This will help meet the demands of the market and make the best of its opportunities.

The MPCX platform will be developed over three stages, each meeting a different requirement over certain durations.

Stage 1: Jan 2017 to Dec 2018 – A Digital Wealth Management platform,

Stage 2: Dec 2018 to Nov 2019 – A cryptocurrency exchange,

Stage 3: Nov 2019 to Jul 2020 – digital banking and regulated wealth management platforms.   

MPCX Platform 

The MPCX Solution

Following the end of the third stage where the banking and regulated wealth management platforms are developed, the MPCX ecosystem will have been implemented. Based on the Ethereum platform, the MPCX solution will disrupt the banking and wealth management industry making it easier to access for the masses. Crypto services made available on the MPCX platform include:

  • Fully digital, cost-effective and friendly client onboarding services.
  • Digital Cryptocurrency exchange for top 100 currencies based on market cap.
  • Crypto payment, transaction, and banking solutions.
  • Unique wallet solution for safekeeping of cryptocurrency funds.
  • Three crypto investable indices, crypto AI fund, crypto ETN’s and ICO’s.
  • Trading terminal, arbitrage system and reporting services.
  • Digital wealth management platform that delivers portfolio rebuilding, crypto lending strategy development, and reporting.
  • Two level access to ICOs with full industry coverage.
  • MPCX’s native crypto lending platform that includes borrower scoring and matching loans with lender potential.


 MPCX was founded by CEO Iurii Riabykin and Director Phil Milo. Other core members of the MPCX team include Alex Kozak – Chief Legal Officer, Kirill Redin – Chief Information Officer, Md. Sadek Ferdous – Chief Technical Adviser, and Andrew Shishkin – Head of Development.

MPCX team

For More Details of MPCX:
Official Website: https://mpcx.co
Whitepaper: https://goo.gl/GeWxhq
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HKzpNxMFbX0HYo9-BScO6A
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MPCXPlatform
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3443279
GitHub: https://github.com/MPCXPlatformLTD



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