What is Kucoinplay? Play and Win Tokens in 2020

What is Kucoinplay?

Cryptocurrencies had become a new trend among world trading methods since the past few years. However, it not officially in many countries. But Cryptocurrency trading available in, over 200 countries all over the world without any direct limitation for trade. So, crypto traders use their cryptocurrencies balance to general online purposes as well. Anyone can’t see notes, coins or either credit/debit cards come on cryptocurrencies. It is a virtual currency.
By the way, there are many cryptocurrency trading platforms which support to trade. And they provide a wide range of services with unique features. Here’s an all-new method to trade and mining cryptocurrencies in an existing way.

Kucoin Platform

Kucoin platform

Kucoin is a pioneer cryptocurrency trading platform which has over 2 years of experience on the field. Kucoin is one of the best, modern and secure platform for trade on cryptocurrencies. Kucoin platform facilitates safe and straight foreword methods of converting coins and trade on cryptocurrencies for their subscribers. In August 2019, they launched a beta version of their newest platform as Kucoinplay. And they launched its official version to the world in January 2020. Let’s go through briefly about Kucoinplay.

What is Kucoinplay Platform?

The main purpose of the Kucoinplay is to allow users to participate in their favourite blockchain projects in an extra funny and engaging way. It is something runs with campaigns and mini-games. Top players of each game eligible to get rewards with valuable cryptocurrency prizes. It is how Kucoinplay works. Kucoinplay is officially available since January 2020. Hurry! You can join now with Kucoinplay instantly by following only a few simple steps.

Kucoinplay Platform Dashboard

Kucoinplay Platform

How does it work?

As mentioned above, the way of running this Kucoinplay platform is gaming and wining. All users can benefit by, directly participating in the platform. Gaining points will entitle users to existing rewards. And active cryptocurrency users can get more benefits by interacting with their Kucoinplay game campaigns. Irrefragably, this is the best way to walk on the cryptocurrency market. Because anyone can enjoy the happiness by playing games and cryptocurrency tokens/coins receive as rewards. It is amazing. Kucoinplay is an advance system, build with the experience of Kucoin. So, nothing to worry about trading security and privacy.

How Kucoinplay Platform Works

popularity of Kucoinplay

Withing only one month of the official launch, it had spread to, over 250,000 daily active users in January 2020. The number of users rapidly growing day by day with approximately 10,000 new users a day. That spread is over 2,300 % of increase by comparing with the previous month. Kucoinplay is just an active platform in, over 208 countries, all over the world. Daily organic traffic of web search about Kucoinplay platform also ha increase by 3,300% by comparing with the last year.

So, we can imagine that Kucoin play will spread speedily with more new users. And it will better if you join with that platform anon. Because as you know, the cryptocurrency market also more beneficiary for firstly signed subscribers. You are not late yet to be a Kucoin play user. And you can get know more about the platform before you sign in. Let’s go to the rest of the exploration.

Kucoinplay Giveaways

Kucoinplay giveaways

Continuously with Kucoin play official launch, they introduced their best-ever campaign. It is for giving away 1 million USD reward to Kucoin play users. The duration of their first giveaway platform was 10th January 2020 to 10th February 2020. With that prize campaign, they giving away prizes for a total 0f 550 users. Among them, 500 of users rewards with 1000 USD for each one. And randomly selected 50 users to qualify for win 10,000 USD for each one.
The only condition for qualify these random awards is, users must work on at least 1 task.

But, there may many terms and condition on the campaign. Users can boost the chance of winning prizes by invite and adding more new participants to the campaign. This is only the beginning of Kucoin play. We may see more campaigns like that every year.

How to Join Kucoinplay

How to join with Kucoinplay?

Joining with Kucoin play platform is also a simple process as well as registering with any other cryptocurrency or gaming platform. You can simply go to the Kucoin play website or download the Kucoin play app. Next, you have to add your email address on the sign-in tab. Then you have to create a password and complete verification. Your account will verify by mobile number, email address or through telegram account. Next, there is ‘I’m not a robot’ verification. Finally, you can enter to the Kucoin play platform by agreeing with terms and conditions of Kucoin play. Now you have to log in to Kucoinplay and go forward.

Stay updated about Kucoinplay

To stay updated with kucoinplay.com, you can simply follow Kucoin play official website’s blog and news tab. Otherwise, you can follow Kucoinplay’s Reddit, telegram, Facebook, twitter pages as well. However, get knowing about updates and all other with Kucoinplay’s official YouTube channel and follow its blog will be a more beneficiary to new users. After get knowing the basic procedure of the platform, f you can stay updated as an active user in the platform will be the best way to success on Kucoin play cryptocurrency gaming platform. It is not hard to be an active user. Because you have to play.

partnership with Kucoinplay

Since the official launch, they had opened their platform to partnership for anyone who wants to get some value from Kucoin play platform. Even if you have a cryptocurrency project or digital project, you can join with Kucoinplay platform. They invite to both for the partnership to achieve goals effectively and efficiently.

Future of Kucoinplay

Kucoin play platform performing very well through the website and application without any single error or failure as a giant project. This is the 20 years of experience of Kucoin. We can expect more exciting features in future with the growth of Kucoin play. As mentioned above, Kucoin play is a rapidly growing platform with thousands of users’ day by day. In the near future, it will become a platform with millions of users all over the world. They will give the best value to all their users and partners as fast and efficiently as possible.

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