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Hashcard Review

The new HashCard digital wallet will allow users of cryptocurrencies to make purchases using both digital money and ordinary money (fiat) through their credit card. And the idea is that HashCard focuses on creating possibilities for its users, so that they are able to spend their money with total freedom, regardless of whether it is a cryptocurrency or ordinary money such as US dollars, euros or any other currency, since this platform makes exchanges between different types of currencies available according to the preferences of its users. Even members can execute transactions of different types, such as currency exchanges in real time or make purchases in millions of stores globally (around 30 million, with VISA and MasterCard support), and being HashCard a platform with which You can get a credit card, it is possible to make the most of the crypto related transactions.

Detailing each of the features of Hashcard, you can find very interesting opportunities for enthusiasts of the online economy, such as the option to carry out deposits and payments through the so-called “altcoin”, which are nothing but cryptocurrencies that, Due to their recent appearance, they have not become popular enough in comparison to others (like the all-powerful Bitcoin or Ethereum).

Thanks to this, the owners of a HashCard digital wallet can make withdrawals and deposits with access to a wide list of this altcoin (more than 25 of them), without counting in this list with access to better-known cryptocurrencies or fiat money, and through the use of your HashCard you can take advantage at the best of exchange rates that exist among all these forms of money, and so you can get the most out of your money knowing that you will also have a card that will work in places where it is accepted. Visa or Mastercard.


Also, the HashCard digital platform has security and mobility features of this generation, since you can download from any mobile with IOS or Android the HashCard application, from where you will have access to your wallet and the other functions allowed with the certainty of that you will obtain the protection you need, due to the implementation of the Multi-sig technology, the two-step access, and the SSL encryption system.

Hashcard Wallet

The Token Exits HashCard begin this May 1 with the opening of a private sale phase, it may acquire the HSHC tokens before anybody else, it is developed based on the ERC20 token system. Also during the ICO, the tokens to be sold will have a number of benefits such as a large discount of 30% with purchases, not to mention that you will receive as a gift of a physical Hashcard card. But being the first to buy the tokens will achieve certain advantages within the platform.

When there is a limit of tokens (a maximum total of 150 million HSHC tokens), those who have acquired them during the ICO will be the only ones able to sell the tokens with the certainty that they will always be in demand, in other words, the first buyers will have the advantage of selling the tokens in a market that has a high demand. On the other hand, the tokens of the HashCard team will be blocked until the Q4 period of 2019 as explained by Hashcard, the objective of which is to avoid a devaluation of the token.

Entering already in the matter on the pre-sale, the HSHC tokens will have a price of US $ 0.10 for each token, and 60% of the total HSHC tokens will be allocated to all phases of the ICO (private pre-sale and public sale), which amount to about 90 million. All tokens that are not sold will be destroyed after the sale event is over. Different bonuses will also be distributed that will depend on the date in which the tokens are purchased and also the total contribution obtained from this, in this way during the first two days of sale, all purchases made for a value minimum of $ 100 will have a bonus of 30%, on days 3 to 12, the bonus percentage will be 20% for purchases with a value of $ 50, from day 13 to the 22 the bonuses will fall back to 15% during each purchase of token with value of 25 dollars, then, in days 23 to 32 the bonus will be only 10% for minimum contributions of 5 dollars, thus the last ones moments of the sale that will go from day 32 to 42 will only give a bonus of 5% for purchases of tokens that have a minimum value of $ 0.10. All these bonuses will be paid with 2% of the total HSHC tokens.

The hardcap expected by the Hashcard team is around 9 million dollars or what is the same, about 90 million HSHC tokens, while its Softcap is 3 million dollars or 30 million tokens.

Enter the pre-sale of the HSHC tokens as part of the whitelist
It has already been said that the private sale of Hashcard will begin during the first days of May, in which you can acquire the HSHC tokens before anyone else, but for this you will have to be accepted in the list of buyers, it is known as a list of white or ” Whitelist ” in English. To join this event just access the HashCard portal, there in the top position you can see several orange buttons that say ” JOIN WHITELIST NOW ” or “Join Whitelist” as shown in the picture, continue clicking on any of the two buttons.


Once the previous step is done, a new page will open, in it, the platform will ask you to contribute some basic registration data or that you connect through your social networks if you have (Facebook, Google, etc.), the registration ends ensuring that you are not a robot, then press the “Enter” button on your keyboard and the page will take you to a new portal.

In this new page, you can read a message informing you that you have registered successfully and that a confirmation email has been sent to your Email, open your email and click on the link sent to you by the HashCard platform.

When you have clicked on the link sent to your email, a new page will open, there will be a button that reads ” Go to your Dashboard “, click on it as shown in the image.

Done the previous step and you will be inside your user, there you can see the number of cryptocurrencies added to your wallet and other data of your profile, but to buy tokens you will have to click again on the button that reads “Buy Tokens”.


In this section of the portal you can make the purchase of tokens once you start the sales phase of HashCard, as shown in the image, the system has not been opened, so you must wait until May 1.

As you have been able to observe, the registration process is very simple. With a few simple steps, you will have your profile registered within Hashcard. We also advise you to enter your official Telegram HashCard group, because this way you can keep up to date with all its news and, in addition, you can be attended directly by the members of the company.

More Details of Hashcard Token Sale:
Website: https://www.hashcard.io
Telegram: https://t.me/hashcard
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashcard
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/18554010/
Medium: https://medium.com/@sm_46693
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3336703

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