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What-is-ignite-ratingsIn traditional financial markets, investors rely on the guidance issued by the rating agencies. But that information is highly subjective. When it’s coming to Crypto Space the problem become worst. People who wish to invest in Cryptocurrency don’t have enough information to support their decisions. Though few information available in different websites, blocks etc., who guarantees the accuracy and the reliability of them.

Ignite RATINGS has been developing to address this fundamental issue.  By combining blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, IGNITE RATINGS is developing the world first, decentralized and self regulating investment intelligence and rating platform. Ignite RATINGS provide following benefits for its users;

  • IGNT holders can access to real time trading opportunities and are able to execute trade directly from the Ignite RATINGS platform via Ignite’s trade routing solution.
  • Ratings for upcoming ICOs – Ignite generate ratings for upcoming ICOs
  • Generate real time pricing charts for all listed digital assets
  • Aggregate third party news feeds and information from popular news outlets.
  • Using Ignite’s unique trade routing technology, IGNT holders would be able to trade directly and independently with a number of market leading exchanges in future.
  • IGNT holders would be able to design, build and share their own technical analysis tools in future

Ignite token (IGNT) holders become the members of Ignite Rating community which provides real time intelligence on all digital assets. Token holders are essential to share their knowledge, experiences and opinions in the Ignite Rating process. Ignite’s software solution convert those ratings in to trading signals and automatically allocate capital from the Ignite “Master Index”, which is comprised of the highest rated and performing digital assets available.  Every IGNT holder is eligible to receive a share of the trading gain by participating in this process.

Ignite expect to allocate 10,000,000 IGNT among its participants. The crowdsale was opened on 15th January 2018. The fund raised via the crowdsale would be allocated as follows.

  • 60% for develop the Ignite “Master Index”
  • 40% for day to day operations

Ignite’s management team is based out of its headquarters in Gilbraltar and is comprised with highly qualified and experienced professionals in legal, financial, technology, online communication and institutional trading.  Following is a small explanation on few of the team members. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Damon Barnard – Director – Operations, Legal, Compliance   

Demon is a graduate of BA honours degree for business management and information technology and obtained his master and postgraduate diplomas in law and legal practice.

Damon is a qualified corporate lawyer specializing in M & A, intellectual property, regulatory affairs and technology law.

Chrostopher Cousins – Director – Strategy, Revenue, marketing

Christopher has got a BA degree in Accounting and he served as a buy side trade and acquisitions consultant for privately managed funds and served as the group CRO to a leading group of technology and internet Infrastructure Company.

Joannah Barnard – Finance and Professional Services

Joannah is a first class graduate in BA in Business management and information technology. She worked with PricewaterCoopers in UK, worked as the executive director and CFO one of the largest media group in UK and COO of a large multinational law firm based in Gilbraltar.

Oliver Smith is an expert in law and compliance who holds a BA degree in law from University of Birmingham.

Paul Morgan, Graig John, Mathew Guy, Adam Bujega, Evan Hall and Richrd Davies are experts in Information Technology.

Ignite concept was born in 2017. Up to now they have initialized the concept in to a platform. They did their pre sale at the end of 2017 and the Crowdsale is now open. The team is currently working to achieve following goals.

  • Development of ignite master index
  • Listing IGNT on exchanges
  • Developing android & IOS apps
  • Launching Ignite debit card
  • Deploying Alpha and Beta Ignite RATINGS platforms for testing
  • Commencing the development of Ignite trading platform
  • Integration of Ignite trading rating platforms

To achieve the above targets and to develop decentralized blockchain based sophisticated information platform to Cryptocurrenty investors Ignite RATINGS has partnered with TZero, Kession, WolfCrypto, SpeedRoute etc.

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