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Today, 600 million individuals run ad blockers on their phones and desktops as a result of their uninterested in being abused by the advertising trade. Unbeknownst to most, unwanted mobile advertising accounts for over $23 per month in information charges on the common user’s information set up, and or so twenty first less daily battery life.

This relationship isn’t consensual; users haven’t any say and no perceived right to avoid ads or opt for that ads they need to envision in today’s climate. Their solely selection is to opt of the system utterly, and it’s advertisers and publishers who are suffering the foremost from this ad block backlash, as a result of this implies that there are 600 million sets of eyeballs – and so 600 million potential customers — UN agency they lose out on.

Vidy pledges to bring these 600 million lost users into the advertising system. Our tri—layer answer engineered on the blockchain are the win—win—win that this broken trade must fairly reward all participants, augment video ad connection, And cut out the difficult middlemen that have erected an opaque, fraudulent, and abusive establishment. Video Inventory Shortage issues causation Fraud

This shortage in area for video ads, paired with a steady growing demand for publishers to seek out ways in which to accommodate, has become the catalyst of a gross imbalance in ad fraud. Video ads account for fewer than forty fifth of all ads on the online, nonetheless they’re the reason behind over sixty fourth of all advertising fraud. The answer. Vidy is making the primary, localized, truly distributed, video—ad platform for truthful and accordant advertising consumption. Vidy is that the first platform to execute on this as a result of its patent-pending distribution model to deliver video ads through natural language processing embeds. Vidy’s answer is AN invisible layer that rests atop any online page, permitting advertisers to implant their video ads behind the relevant text that they’re connected to.

Vidy is localized as a result of it harnesses the facility of blockchain to bring transparency, security, equity, and privacy to ad distribution for all parties. It accomplishes this with its ASCII text file protocol for NLP-powered Video advertising distribution, driven by miners on its agreement layer. Vidy is really distributed as a result of it’s not a central app, or browser, or core property requiring users to sign-up to use it, or worse nonetheless change by reversal from their current merchandise to use it. Instead Vidy’s implant layer was engineered as AN SDK to measure on any online page that already exists, running mutely because it containerizes user information firmly via its good contracts for personal demographic targeting.

Vidy Coin is Vidy’s ERC20 utility token and therefore the currency of Vidy’s Ad system. Advertisers purchase ad placements victimization Vidy Coin which Vidy Coin is received by publishers and by the miners UN agency run Vidy’s natural language processing protocol to position those ads. For the primary time ever, after you see a Vidy link and hold all the way down to watch that vidy ad, you earn cash. Vidy compensates you with Vidy Coin (VIDY) for every second that you just hold down. The longer you hold, the additional you earn. You’ll be able to even build a buying deal on it video victimization your Vidy Coin with only one faucet.

With rewards being “airdropped” into the hands of users as they unveil ads, it’s the primary time that AN ICO project is in a position to succeed in out on an enormous scale, not simply to the crypto community, however additionally everybody else. This creates huge exposure to VidyCoin as Vidy continues to integrate with all major publishers within the world.


For More Details of VIDY:
Official Website: https://www.vidy.com
Whitepaper: https://d2kwglax6b3kna.cloudfront.net/static/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/VidyCoin
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4513155.msg40635736#msg40635736



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