What is Crypto N Kafe | Advantages of CNK Consumer Ecosystem

What is Crypto N Kafe

Crypto N Kafe (CNK) is a decentralized consumer ecosystem powered by blockchain. Coffee market challenges in Africa, a technology paradigm shift offering transformative potential, and the business and technical aspects of the solution CNK is developing for capitalizing on this potential.

The global coffee market increased during the span of 5 years i.e. 2011-2015, and projections are made that the market would rise in the next five years 2016-2020 tremendously. The market can be segmented on the basis of end-users as retail coffee market and food services market, of which global retail coffee market displayed an increase, driving the global coffee market. The increasing consumption of coffee led by the westernization trend in India, China, and Latin America drive the market in the positive direction.


The Value Of CNK Chain


  • Acquire the best knowledge of coffee trading
  • Gain higher income
  • Skip the middlemen
  • Financial freedom



  • Access more convenient payment methods
  • Export to the entire world at lower cost and faster shipment
  • Free from complicated banking procedures



  • Make a deal directly with farmers and traders
  • Entice to simple payment process for a low fee
  • Trade on one-stop business to the business commerce website



  • Make use of advanced tools for retailing systems
  • Offer an easy access to end-customers with a mobile wallet, debit card, and P2P exchange
  • Trade on a one-stop B2B commerce website


Why CNK ?




  • High-quality coffee cheaper than in stores
  • Coffee bought online easily and conveniently
  • Unlimited access to suppliers of choice


Benefits to Farmers

  • Full control of product pricing and listing
  • Marketing and promotion directly to consumers
  • Fast and detailed customer feedback


CNK token distributed through the ICO

The maximum total token supply is 78,600,000. No token creation, minting or mining after the end of the ICO period. Tokens sold on pre-ICO and ICO will account for 65% of the total token supply. The remaining 35% will be allocated as follows:

Crypto N Kafe ICO Allocation

– 15% Team (locked for 1 years)

– 10% Advisors, Whitelist, and Bounty (locked for 3 months, except bounty)

– 10% Investors (will start in 2019)




NOV 2017 – Develop CNK’s smart contract

JAN 2018 – ICO Phase 1

MAR 2018 – Exchange listing on Cryptopia

APR 2018 – List CNK on coinmarketcap.com

MAY 2018 – Develop mobile wallet app for Android

JUN 2018 – Develop mobile wallet app on iOS

JUL 2018 – Development Trading Platform

Q2 2019 – Introduce CNK Coin Mining

2020 – Become one of the top most powerful Cryptocurrencies



CNK has deployed highly qualified and experienced professionals. Following is a brief explanation about few of the team members.

Crypto N Kafe Team

Alan Jones – ICO Advisor

Ravi Chamria – Technology Advisor

Tashish Rai Singhani – Smart Contract Advisor

Nicolay Buslaev – Blockchain Engineer

Taylor Sanford – Blockchain Engineer

Ashish Purwar – Head of Blockchain & Smart Contract

Michael David – Blockchain Technology Marketing & Media

Shubhabrata Mukherjee – Full-stack Developer

Yury Loika – Blockchain Engineer

Victor Martin – Blockchain Engineer

System Information and facts

The basic configuration of CNK-DS system contains two parts. The on-chain elements which mainly consist of Ethereum Smart agreements for access control, creating as well as keeping provenance paths and also carrying out ballot procedure, and also the O-chain modules which consist of customer application component that interfaces with the wise contract to send the adjustments as well as keeps timers for the ballot process as well as the cloud-based script for veri cation of each of the data le adjustments that are sent.

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