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Blockchain Based Entertainment Platform

The popular music market within the past had a transparent division between producers and customers. The activities by fans supporting their musicians aren’t solely productive activities that severally produce additional price, however conjointly act as secondary contents hat area unit shared with each artists and fans that fancy their music. In fact, the activities and also the contents generated by the followers, typically become decisive factors in transportation artists and their music to success.

The economic system created by STAYGE Network can share the additional price with each contributor. They tend to powerfully believe that it’ll be a foundation of the property growth of the system. The user expertise in varied services that fans use is extraordinarily fragmented. Fan communities, fan websites, commerce sites, crowd funding sites, and ticketing sites that fans. Visits aren’t closely linked; information in these websites aren’t collected and structured into on the market forms. Fans use completely different IDs for every service, and it’s not possible for artists or amusement firms to work out whether or not a user from one service is a standardized person with a user from another service. As a result, artist’s area unit notable to effectively use the information of fans’ activities, and fans area unit hardly recognized for his or her contributions.

STAYGE Network may be a blockchain-based Artist-Fan system that STAYGE One can co-produce with all artists, fans, and business partners within the show biz STAYGE Network equitably rewards fans for his or her value-creating activities by employing a cryptocurrency, that fans will use to buy product like albums, goods, and digital contents provided by artists. A good rewards system motivates fans, and this encouragement ends up in higher levels of participation and also the acquisition of latest teams of fans. This suggests STAYGE Network functions as a self-motivated fan selling platform. Moreover, STAYGE Network introduces antecedently unrealized, intangible price into the system within the variety of cryptocurrency, sanctioning a virtuous cycle within which each the fandom’s value-creating activities area unit monetizable and expendable product are often purchased, providing a replacement driver for the property enlargement of the market and also the system.

STAYGE Network Structure

Core Layer

Core Layer may be a platform wherever all the data of STAYGE Network is hold on.  the data} delivered through STAYGE Network includes group action information associated with product and contents, info on community activities, and content information.

    1. Distributes the hash of the contents and varied info.
    1. Distributes the contents and also the info itself.
    1. Problems the coins throughout periodic block generations.

Interface Layer

Interface Layer provides varied Apis and SDKs to utilize the functions provided by the Core Layer. Through the perform of the Interface Layer, it’s attainable to implement functions like pocketbook, token exchange, and group action of varied product. The service application developed during this approach constitutes the Service Layer that’s to be represented below.

Service Layer

Service Layer refers to numerous applications developed victimization SDKs and Apis provided by the Interface Layer. the essential DApp services that may be seen within the Service Layer embrace communities that use rewards systems, product markets that support token transactions, and ticketing services, etc. a number of the a lot of subtle services embrace crowd funding and exchanges that may trade tokens across varied communities.

STAYGE Coin Structure

The key currency of STAYGE Network, STG, has the role of property with different communities and is additionally used as a base currency in STAYGE Network. Members of communities will participate within the deciding processes of STAYGE Network, the sponsoring of comes, and also the getting of products and payment of artists’ guarantees, etc. with STG.

User cases of STG and ACT Coin

    • The right to talk and build choices among the fan community
    • Purchasing artists’ official albums or product
    • Purchasing tickets for creator concerts or fan conferences
    • Purchasing artists’ digital contents
    • Converting to ACT and connexion a community
    • Making payments to artists
    • Community activities or getting product that involves multiple artists.
    • Community Activity Token(ACT)

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