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The energy business has continually sweet-faced a high degree of centralized authorization and operation. Whereas standard fuel generates low cost electricity, it is also feared to cause severe and even irreversible pollution and harm to the surroundings. In recent years, the world’s international powers have begun to acknowledge potential issues caused by the consumption of standard fossil fuels, like warming and pollution, and lots of governments have issued policies to push the event of renewable energy comes. This has spurred nice progress within the renewable energy business whereas bit by bit decreasing the prices. As a result, the amount of latest renewable energy power comes has eclipsed new standard fuel power comes.

Blockchain is AN innovative web info technology. It’s a freelance, decentralized, verifiable, and permanent info that coexists in multiple locations and is shared by the community. By design, blockchain is inherently proof against knowledge change of state. As a result of all records on the blockchain will be brazenly viewed by everybody at intervals the platform, and every party makes records consequently, once a dealings is recorded on the platform, it’s verified by everybody at intervals the platform. This makes it very troublesome, and nearly not possible, to falsify the dealings record.

EtainPower’s blockchain-based resolution can reform the standard centralized electrical power sector, connecting renewable energy producers, investors, customers and installation operators through a unique AI energy scheme. EtainPower’s token (EPR) or use the energy tokens for electricity payment and get of assorted different services at intervals EtainPower’s scheme.

The EtainPower platform creates a good new channel for world investors to access and invest in renewable energy comes. Not solely can the platform offer searchable listings of comes, however EtainPower can conduct due diligence on every to make sure quality standards area unit met and inform investors on individual projects’ strengths and weaknesses. Project investors cannot be restricted to earning the edict currency of the project’s location. They’ll instead receive energy tokens that they will either convert to the EtainPower token or use to get electricity or different services at intervals the EtainPower scheme.

EtainPower can utilize AI technology to beat supply challenges for the facility grid. This technique can optimize renewable energy and enhance the physical property of the facility grid. EtainPower platform simplifies the funding method for renewable energy producers, in order that they don’t have to be compelled to deem just one capitalist or pay time seeking out many investors to complete project funding. For many renewable energy comes, investors continually set criteria, that increase the complexness and therefore the interval to travel through the method. This adds not solely time however additional monetary prices on high of the project’s expenses.

EtainPower platform has 2 tokens: the platform token (EPR) and also the energy token, PowerPoints (PPS). The 2 tokens area unit used along to realize the AI-based energy commerce platform battery-powered by blockchain. Renewable energy producers will issue PPS to investors to finance of their. The particular worth of the PPS equals the value of electricity the producers arrange to deliver within the future.

EtainPower provide following uses to customers

  • P2P Power commerce
  • Electric Vehicle Rental
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Power dealings for standard Power Utility
  • Hotel, Coffee, Airline Tickets and different Services
  • Power dealings for good Microgrid

EtainPower good grid can integrate computing and large knowledge and implement a sophisticated network and IoT technologies to watch, manage and coordinate all the facility generation and consumption facilities within the grid.

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