What is Bintex Futures? Best trading platform in 2020

What is Bintex Futures

The Bintex Futures trading network was launched in 2020.  They are a squad that is excited about decentralization and better products. The current decentralized ecosystem needs accessibility and ease. Decentralized transactions are sluggish, costly, and complicated. They intend to change the basis of a decentralized trading framework that is cohesive and efficient for handy to meet applications. 

Building a completely open economic and profitable exchange in the blockchain period would not only allow clients to take complete ownership of their crypto properties, but they can also openly share and make extra money. 

They hope to see a future where blockchain enjoys mass acceptance and fulfills its true purpose.

The Bintex Token Defined

The ERC-20 Ethereum Token is being used as the basic cryptocurrency on the BINTEX FUTURES Platform. All exchange traders must hold BNTX to share in their non-custodial commissions. Trader demand for BNTX is an important part of the business model that helps the exchange to run in a sustainable manner with low transaction costs on all transactions. 

Bintex Token Allocation

The platform would be the key source of income for the organization. The exchange will have multiple support charges: Exchange Trading Fees Coin/Token Listing Fees BINTEX FUTURES will regularly invest in groundbreaking cryptocurrency ventures and display emerging currencies, crypto-coins, and exchanges. This would carry both the liquidity and the customers involved with the project.

Bintexpay Wallet

BintexPay Wallet

Every Exchange Consumer will have a personal wallet to manage their funds, this wallet will provide blockchain keys for each asset. Each user on their exchange will be presented with a unique address for each asset class. Scanning QR code, deposits, withdrawals. 

BINTEX’s entire network could operate on a single wallet framework for each consumer, including all information on the user’s holdings, trading background, payment information, credit history, and BINTEX PAY card data. 

Users have exposure to all supported cryptocurrency data and charts directly inside the BINTEXPAY wallet. These functions would enable users to provide complete visibility into the cryptocurrencies that BINTEXPAY Wallet supports with maps, circulating stocks, total supplies, regular numbers, and more for each cryptocurrency.

The uniqueness of Bintex Futures

Bintex Futures is a cryptocurrency initiative that blends the pace and simplicity of centralized trade with all the security benefits of a decentralized market. One of the main components of the Bintex Futures ecosystem is the BintexPay payment framework which provides genuine coins, e-wallets, and chip cards – something that the world hasn’t seen before. 

1) Smart Liquidity Problem Solution: BintexPay coin (BNTX) is the indigenous cryptocurrency of the Bintex Futures ecosystem. BNTX tokens maximize liquidity, a function that will play a crucial role in the overall liquidity management of the exchange while trading several coins. 

2) Secure Storage with Benefits: The most common issue with cryptocurrency communities is that they only operate adequately inside the structure itself, significantly restricting the rate of global acceptance. The BintexPay wallet was built to push the limits of standard crypto space to allow cryptography used for daily purposes. 

3) A Revolutionary Way to Keep Crypto Legitimate: One more thing taps the appeal of bitcoin into the real world: the BintexPay debit/credit chip card, approved at millions of places worldwide and connected to the BintexPay wallet, enabling users to invest their BNTX tokens on real-time transfer, meaning there’s no need to sell tokens to purchase something. In fact, when you purchase stuff with BNTX (even if it is converted into fiat currency), users will earn added incentives in the Bintex Futures ecosystem. 

The BintexPay chip card is an alternative as a conventional credit card to pay bills, make transactions and payments in stores, or purchase something else you pay with a credit or debit card.

Download Their Mobile App

Traders submit buying and selling orders immediately with a simple command. The intuitive ladder trading interface shows live bids and offers to travel up and down on the central price column. Traders get and remain in the zone because there’s no need to move the mouse or use the keys or glance away from the value according to do business.

Bintex Futures TEAM

Conclusion: The Bintext Futures Market Network was introduced in 2020. All exchange traders must keep BNTX to engage in their non-custodial commissions. Users are connected to all approved cryptocurrency data and charts directly within the BINTEXPAY wallet. BintexPay payment system offers actual coins, e-wallets, and chip cards – which is a first-time innovation. The new decentralized environment requires simplicity and ease of usage. Decentralized transfers are long, expensive, and difficult. The project incorporates the speed and simplicity of centralized trading with all the security advantages of a decentralized economy. 

BintexPay coin (BNTX) is the native cryptocurrency of the Bintex Futures ecosystem. BNTX tokens optimize liquidity, a feature that will play a key role in the overall liquidity control of the exchange when exchanging various coins. Users will spend their B NTX tokens in real-time transfer, which ensures they don’t need to sell tokens to buy something.

For More Details of Bintex Futures:

Website: https://bintexfutures.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bintexfutures
Telegram: https://t.me/bintexfutures_chat
Medium: https://medium.com/@bintexfutures
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bintexfutures/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTZsygYwafZdx0CsVKcyuWw
Whitepaper: https://bintexfutures.com/Bintexfutures%20white%20paper%20V%201.0.pdf


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