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What is DBrain

Dbrain is about Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is about data. Datasets used for machine learning are still labeled by hand, which requires a lot of effort and which creates lots of frictions about the quality.  

Dbrain is the solution for that. This is the open blockchain based platform for turning data into real-world AI solutions. It allows people to work together in secure, seamless, integrated processes for buying, designing and building AI apps from beginning to the end. Dbrain connects data owners, Data labelers, data scientist and businesses to enhance the use of AI. Dbrain is aiming to make sure that if people are going to be replaced with machines, they can at least get paid to train their replacement.

Dbarin offers the benefits for the users in following ways.

  • Levels the playing fields for all participants on the AI market

Crowdworkers get the opportunity to earn money for training and supervising the AI networks. Developers will be awarded through lowering the barriers for creating commercially viable AI products. Businesses would get the access to wide range of comprehensive AI solutions.

  • Blockchain & Crypto

The platform can process thousands of transactions securely in a second. Not only that, Cryptocurrency enables the creation of smart contracts among the participants.

  • SPOCK protocol

Dbrain has implemented the Subjective Proof of Crowdwork protocol, which automatically verifies data and guarantees real-time and transparent billing to workers and task requesters.   

  • PICARD protocol

The Protocol for Indirect Controlled Access to Repository Data protects datasets and AI applications hosted on Dbrain platform and it allows data scientists to train AI models using the datasets without downloading them.

  • Lowest commission

Dbrain charges 10% commission from every transaction to compensate platform costs.

  • Dbrain gives unbanked people an opportunity to raise their standard of living and become a part of the global financial system through cryptocurrencies.

Dbrain uses Dbraincoins (DBR) backed by Ethereum, as their official currency within the platform. Participants can use this currency to pay for data and usage of AI on the platform.

Not like other companies instead of developing a platform by using the ICO funds, they have already launched the initial version of its web application and a telegram bot.

Dbrain has deployed highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, AI, DL, legal, technology, online communication, and marketing. Following is a brief explanation about few of the team members. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Dmitry Matskevich – CEO

Dmitry founded two leading big data companies. He is an expert in IT.

Alexsey Hahunov – CTO

Alexsey is the founder of connectome.ai and R-SEPT. He possesses more than three years of experience in managing R&D teams in IT & AI

Dima Dewwinn – Chief Design Officer

He is an expert in designing. He is the founder and CEO of Things. He possesses 12 years of experiences in product development and visual storytelling around the web.

Dbrain has partnered with Kupivip, CarPrice, Things, retail.global, MicroMoney, Sonm, Chronobank and DLA Piper to achieve their target.  

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