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Flagship project deals with solar wind technology that used to generate clean, sustainable, affordable and renewable energy. This project is very simple and flexible which it has ultra-low cost that makes it highly accessible.

The solar wind farms give advantages such as,

  • Carbon neutral
  • built out of fully recycled materials
  • low-stress structure
  • low maintenance requirements
  • easily scaled to suit any power requirements without requiring a custom build
  • adopting technology to use the waste-heat from industry to generate power
  • it can be built  anywhere there’s space
  • safety – since it does not use chemical or burn fuel
  • It has a low impact on the environment

The cost of 1kwh is USD$0.03. That is the cheapest in the power generation industry.

The United Scientists Association of Technology Inc. (USAT) is founded in 2017. It is based on BlockChain technology and it deals with storing, funding, developing, commercialization of intellectual property. It supports the innovative and ethical projects which have higher market potential. The values of (USAT) Inc. can be identified as follows,

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Decentralization
  • Knowledge
  • Sharing

(USAT) Inc. has a toxic corporate structure. That is the place where there is no any shareholder. This allows the firm to work for the interest of all the stakeholders rather than just for the shareholders. Therefore it would focus on long-term prosperity rather than the short term.

The USAT Inc. platform provides following services to investors and IP holders.

  • Securely stores the information
  • Prevents the access of others, other than the owners of the IP. That’s how it has created IP protection
  • A team of (USAT) Inc. evaluates the stored IP
  • USAT Inc. facilities for IP Funding, Development, and Commercialization
  • Provides Sale Portal for IP
  • Ranks the service providers
  • Produces technology only that is ethical
  • The technology that it produces has high market potential
  • It will make the world better through innovation
  • It provides education and opportunities for young people
  • Reaches the people who need the technology whenever it is necessary

It can be used two cryptocurrencies in USAT Inc. platform. They are

  • USAT Tokens
  • DMACs 

USAT Inc. is a Non-profitable organization that it is required to reinvest all the revenue generated by it. According to the fundraised by USAT Inc. will be used for the followings.

  • For fast tracking the deployment of the blockchain and other infrastructure that required to provide IP protection service

  • For marketing and PR

  • For the construction of the facility to continue to improve and refine the solar-wind technology

  • For testing new designs

  • For future IP development

It has been issued 592,055,235 Tokens. Further, it has nine projects as listed below.

  1. AirDrop Wallet/ Contract

  2. Bounty Wallet / Contract

  3. Exchange incentive program

  4. Investor bonus wallet

  5. Bonus incentives

  6. Consultants and contractors

  7. Marketing

  8. Legal

  9. Pre-sale Airdrop

During the phase one, it has allocated funds in the following ways.

  • Platform Development – 26.50%

  • Marketing – 25.00%

  • USAT Owned Solar Wind Testing Facility – 6.23%

  • Operations and Legal – 7.00%

When it comes to the 2nd phase of the project it distributed funds in a manner listed out below.  

  • Operational Capital – 28.67%

  • IP Purchasing Power – 29%

  • Development – 4.4%

  • Marketing – 7.67%

It has planned to conduct pre ICO in the month of August 2018. Following targets have been lined-up to achieve after the pre-ICO.

  • Listing the USAT token on the exchanges

  • Close the ICO by the end of 2018

  • Storing all the purchased and incoming IP in the functional BloackChain IP

  • Enter into the secondary market

  • Complete the first full wind farm in Australia

  • Development of second patented technology in IP pipeline

  • Build the first scheduled solar wind farm

  • Generate the first revenue

  • Commercial preparation for the second phase

  • Complete the working prototype of the second patented technology 

  • Buy-back event of listed USAT tokens

  • Complete the second 2nd wind farm facility

  • Operation of Humanitarian branch

  • Deploy the USAT owned technology in remote, underdeveloped communities

  • Perpetual development and commercialization of IP 

  • Develop First government-scale solar wind farm facility

The backbone of this project is comprised of high caliber members.  They are experts in different fields such as Marketing, technology, investment, law, Public Relations etc…

Usat Team

For More Details of USAT :
Official Website: https://usat.io
Whitepaper: https://usat.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/White-Paper-USAT-Inc.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/USATINC
Twitter: https://twitter.com/USAT_Inc
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4419611.msg39393164#msg39393164



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