Advantages of MyShield Decentralized Anti-Scam Platform


Rapid growth in internet and digital communication causes to make human life easier. Nowadays traders can sell their products to anybody in anywhere. Consumers can order a product located in any corner of the world by sitting in his yard. An investor can invest money in a company located in Amsterdam while being in his Australian office. At the end does the consumer get correct product? Does the investor get expected to return for his money?

Let’s have a look at following research findings extracted from company white paper.

  • As per the research published by OECD in September 2017, “4% of UK imports are fake goods”.    
  • As per the research published by Earnest and Young in January 2018, hackers steal more than 10% of ICO funds.

MyShield has addressed this issue and they have been developing a mechanism for trade online with perfect confidence.

This is an AI-powered decentralized, Blockchain based, an anti-scam platform which enables the users to operate in cryptocurrency exchanges and online markets, confidently. It has been developed by BrandShield which was established in 2013 for online brand protection.

Myshield Ecosystem

MyShield application contents three main features. They are;

  1. Alert against scam

MyShield possesses the ability to separate the genuine product from counterfeit products. If the user reaches to a counterfeit product MyShield will send an alert to the user.

  1. Crypto transaction validation

MyShield trusted stamps and the MyShield trusted wallet stamps will run the major part of the validation process. Once the investor started to perform Crypto transaction, MyShield will perform a validation process. As an example, MyShield will match wallet number of the transaction with validated wallet number of the website. If the system catches any deviation it will be informed to the user.

  1. Reporting scam

Users are allowed to report any suspected fraud or scam. This reporting process will be the major part of MyShield ecosystem. Blockchain technology will keep track of all the reports and will aggregate the information rationally.

Existing MyShield has the ability to monitor following products.

  • Websites including content, logos, infringing domains etc.
  • Marketplaces such as eBay, Ali-Express, Amazon etc.
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social media platforms
  • Ads on Google and Bing

MyShield has introduced MyShield tokens as the mediator in their platform. 1 A billion Tokens are expected to be distributed among the users as follows.

  • 40% -for the general public
  • 30% will be reserved to occupy in future operations
  • 20% -for founders, team, and shareholders
  • 5% will be allocated for bounty programs
  • Remaining 5% will be reserved in the guarantee fund

Seal management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation about few team members.

Myshield Team

Yoav Keren – CEO

Toav is an expert in financial management, marketing, and business development. He is a member of the anti-counterfeiting committee at INTA.

Yuval Zantkeren – Co-CEO and CTO

Yuval is a qualified lawyer and information system expert who holds a business administration degree specializing in IT.

MyShield concept was born in 2013. Currently, they are in the process of registering investors for token distributions. In their journey, they have built up the below milestones.

  • Launching Beta version of the application
  • Adding SDK for Wallets
  • Expanding the application for e-commerce

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