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Cryptocurrency is arguably the fastest growing tool on the internet and this is due to the growth in demand from the electronic commerce sector. Another reason for the growth of cryptocurrency is the restrictions placed by various governments on trade in currencies across borders. This inhibits the growth of the market and affects inclusiveness. Profit margins are also adversely influenced as a result. Bitcoins and Ethereum are among the more popular cryptocurrency available, but there are numerous other currencies out there with the scope to overtake them in features and popularity.

One of these is MetaHash, a digitized asset sharing network based on the blockchain technology that allows future blockchains to merge into a single decentralized network that can monitor and record each and every transaction. It eliminates the main drawbacks of traditional blockchain techie low speed, closed nature and inability to interact amongst each other. This is just stepping 1 in building a decentralized internet which would shift control away from the few corporations where it is concentrated at the moment. This would result in end users receiving projects that is tailored to them.

MetaHash creates decentralized applications that work in normal time on the blockchain, independent sub chains under the MetaHash network which allow Meta apps to work, and Digital assets ie tokens.

Problem Faced by Cryptocurrencies

  • The limited number of transactions per day
  • Fees charged for a transaction are very high
  • Susceptible to attack by hackers
  • The transaction takes time to be approved
  • Tokenization of assets is quite difficult
  • The transition of networks from data mining to data forging

MetaHash Structure

MetaHash is divided into 4 major parts.

  • TraceChain

        It is a new internet protocol that focusses on optimal signal propagation. When multiple systems are synchronized on a network, it slows down due to overload, an issue that is solved using a mathematical algorithm powered by TraceChain AI.

This addresses issues like speed, high transaction fees and the complexity of the system. It also grants full decentralization and full synchronization along with high bandwidth.

  • MetaApps

This a network of standalone applications or a decentralized cloud which is characterized by its ability to handle high speeds, high loads and decentralization. With MetaHash, any app written for any platform in any language can become decentralized. Meta Apps are just like regular apps and websites, just decentralized. They are an evolution of smart contracts. Ready-made modules for creating Meta Apps are also available.

A particular advantage of Meta Apps has been self-financing apps which allows programmers to allocate a portion of their revenue, usually in MetaHash Coins (MHC ) towards financing further app development.    

Some Meta Apps are

  • MetaToken – Tokenisation of MHC into digital assets and transfer between currencies which allows you to convert tokens of any platform to MHC and then use them on MetaHash.
  • MetaStorage – Decentralized data storage that allows you to work with public encrypted data or data stored on individual storage nodes
  • MetaICO –  which allows the release of MHC  through the MetaToken interface without any pre-requisite programming knowledge.

In order to counter malicious applications censoring is invoked where community members vote for or against the app. Depending on the voting coins accumulated time periods are changed to 1     week or 1 day.

  1. MetaGate

This is not just a wallet for MHC or a browser but rather it is a gateway to the decentralized internet that runs parallel to the normal one but cannot be controlled. It consists of

  • A multi-asset wallet that supports both full and lite modes.
  • A detailed list of the decentralized applications and a browser that supports them.  
  • MetaHash Coin

MetaHash coins are a self-financing system with self-development preprogrammed in its genetic code. It is used as payment for

  • Transactions involving asset transfer
  • Services utilized like MetaGate
  • The operation of applications
  • Data storage volume or high speeds

Forging of MHC requires 3 resources – servers, wallets, and MHC. 9,200,000,000 #MHC will be released for circulation within the next 10 years.

The MHC obtained from selling services on the MetaHash chain are used for:

  • Training developers who build Meta Apps
  • Improving project quality
  • Promotions and advertisements
  • Payments to MHC owners
  • Payments to service providers

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The MetaHash team is a selection of specialists and experts who are armed with the knowledge and skills needed to power MetaHash to the top. Led by Co-founders – Gleb Nikitin and Anton Agranovsky alongside Vladimir Bashkin, CMO and a board of advisors like Daniel G Viola, Head of Regulatory and Compliance Group at Sadis and Goldberg LLP, Wenger&Vieli AG – the global law firm and Oliver Ciric – partner at TA Advisory, MetaHash aims to top the cryptocurrency market and make big splash

Metahash Team

Metahash Team 2

Press about Metahash

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Official Website: https://metahash.org
Whitepaper: https://static.metahash.org/docs/MetaHash_WhitePaper_EN.pdf?v=4
Telegram: https://t.me/metahash_ENG
Twitter: https://twitter.com/themetahash
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetaHash
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4342587.0%20-%20ANN%20thread
Medium: https://medium.com/@themetahash



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