What is Caliisto | Advantages of Caliisto Network ICO

Callisto Review

Technological developments are the heart of revolution of human lives. Rapid expansions in blockchain technology and digital currency have driven the world into a new chapter. Currently, more than 1500 cryptocurrencies are available in the digital world. Ethereum is one of the oldest cryptocurrency. Still, it hasn’t become the comprehensive solution in the crypto market. Ethereum has few questions that should be overcome to be the best blockchain solution.

The main problem is that Ethereum smart contracts don’t possess enough tools to implement secured network. Another problem is the protocol update that requires blockchain hard-fork. Hard-forking is a stressful process. Callisto is the solution to these problems.

Caliisto is a project of Ethereum which aims to design self-sustained, self-governed and self-funded blockchain ecosystem. Callisto will address the security issues by implementing “Official smart contract auditing department” and will mitigate the issues with hard-forking by establishing 2 planned hard-forking dates.

Official Smart-contract Auditing Department

The main goal of this department is to improve the security of the ecosystem by providing free security audits for smart-contract developers.  This department is open for any smart contract developer. It is powered by two main characteristics. They are Auditors and Managers. The audit process is managed through GitHub. Initially, an issue should be opened by a smart contract developer and it will be marked as approved by the manager if he is happy with the request details. Then the auditor will review the codes of smart contract and submit a report.

Planned Hard-forks

Two hard-forking dates have been established on 11 November 2018 and 11 November 2019. Any protocol update should be done only these days. All the participants in these two stages will be rewarded differently.

Callisto uses Callisto cryptocurrency (CLO) as their native currency. ETC also has the same capabilities as CLO. Each address that possesses more than 5,500,000 ETCs will receive CLO in 1:1 ratio. All the wallets that allow the user to export the account including the followings are compatible with callisto network.

  • Classic Ether Wallet
  • Trust Wallet App
  • Guarda Wallet
  • Coinomi Wallet

Clod staking is a core feature of Callisto network. Any developer participated in 1st planned hard fork will become a cold staker. As the Callisto project is an open source project and open for contributions, every participant of the network will be able to submit development proposal,  but only cold-stakers can voting on such proposal.

Callisto has actually deployed an administration group which is made up with very qualified and also experienced experts in IT, lawful, monetary, modern technology, and advertising. Dexaran and Yohan Graterol are the founders of this project and they are positioned as the CEO and CTO respectively. As well Carlos Sampol, Dardan Latifi, Darwino, Mathew and Nick S|awinyh actively participate in platform developments.

Callisto Team

Callisto main network was launched in April 2018 and it’s now live. The team now works to achieve the following goals.  

  • Formatting security department of Callisto.
  • Implementing hard-fork No.1.
  • Implementing decentralized file storage research and reference.
  • Releasing DAO Codex and Cold-staker Code.
  • Launching hard-fork No.2.

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