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LALA-Token-saleLALA Token,LALA World (“LALA”) is all about migrants and their unbanked families. Its an ECOSYSTEM enabled by the LALA Wallet as a PLATFORM, a single sign on platform revolving around their issues and problems. Employment issues, digital ID’s, communities build up, government and NGO partnerships, health issues, and of course, a new financial ecosystem for the huge under-banked population by capitalizing the Block-chain revolution to bridge the gap between cash, digital and the crypto world.

By creating a whole new peer to peer ecosystem, LALA Token aims to revolutionize the way individuals, small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs transact, make payments, borrow money and associated products like insurances, domestic and Cross-Border remittances, cards and other general banking products.


LALA Token Wallet is your single point access to all financial services in the LALA World ecosystem. You have multiple top up and cash out options, hold fiat or multiple cryptocurrencies, with a host of financial services like money transfer, lending, bill payments, cards and other normal banking products at your fingertips. LALA Wallet also allows you to share your micro projects globally, allows you to raise issues which are suppressing the unbanked and build your own communities, thereby creating a true Ecosystem benefiting everyone.


LALA’s management team and its partners are one of the most experienced crew who have run payment wallets, money exchanges, remittance and lending businesses for over 10 years in over 15 different counties. On top of solid experience and a great network, we have also built a great crypto offering – “LALA Transfer”, for efficient, cheaper
and faster remittance services globally. LALA Wallet, LALA ID and LALA Token are the central pieces to the LALA World ecosystem.LALA Wallet allows seamless onboarding, LALA ID creates easy verification, AML / KYC and LALA Token provides the single mechanism for users, partners, money transfer agents / operators, to make quick and cheaper transfers within communities domestically as well as cross border.

Within the LALA Wallet, user can choose to order a LALA Card, a virtual and/or physical debit (and in time to come credit card). As a security measure, we allow a user to lock and unlock his card through the LALA Wallet App. Furthermore, the user can also set limits for his family members and sync all the cards to the same Wallet. This makes our system more secure than traditional credit and debit card systems.Blockchain and LALA Tokens become very central to this as users can sync multiple cards to the same LALA Wallet, which can then be used as both Fiat and Crypto medium of exchange without incurring any high fees for such transfer at any time. Further, we will
also be coming up with a loyalty mechanism tied to the LALA Card, so that more you use
the wallet, the more you are rewarded as a LALA Token holder

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