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The internet has grown and its reach has virtually encompassed the whole globe. This has allowed people to trade and contribute towards causes across borders without the limitations suffered under the existing system. The blockchain technology has granted users greater responsibility, privacy and transparency. There are a multitude of cryptocurrencies and their associated exchanges. The major issue that plague these exchanges is that they are often limited to one or a limited number of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Oodlbit is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange that is expected to launch in 2019. Oodlbit’s mission is to introduce new technology to users, enable faster transactions, sustain fairer fees and provide all-round support to users.

Oodlbit Features

  • Oodlbit allows users to trade multiple popular digital assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and EOS on its high-speed matching engine. This gives users diverse options and efficient transactions in one go.
  • Security is paramount to Oodlbit and in order to ensure user security, Oodlbit performs frequent audits and security reviews of all personal information and funds.
  • An issue that most investors face is deciding where and how they should invest. Ooodlbit tackles this problem by providing users a fully equipped set of the best available charting tools that can be used to visualize the market and trends. This allows users to make educated decisions and best use their assets.
  • Oodlbit also grants users rewards and benefits with flat and reduced trading fees when they use OODL as their choice of payment.
  • Oodlbit offers API’s that developers can use to build top quality third-party applications that can be used as algorithmic trading bots, monitoring tools and more.
  • Oodlbit also offers users different ordering types in order to meet the requirements of the scenario. Thes ordering types include Limit, Market and Stop Loss.


OODL Coin is the native cryptocurrency that is available for use on the Oodlbit platform. It is a tradeable currency built on the Ethereum platform that along with giving its users utility on Oodlbit can also be used in the real world thus giving it value as a digital asset.

OODL users are entitled to reduced transaction fees on Oodlbit. No matter how large the transaction may be, the maximum transaction fee charged for OODL coin users is $20 USD. Other users are charged a transaction fee varying between 0.20 – 0.26 % depending on the size of the transaction and currency used. Users that make multiple transactions a day will note that using OODL coin enables them to receive a 50% cut on trading fees.

Users can vote for their favorite currencies using the OODL coin and contribute towards the growth of the ecosystem and community.


The cryptocurrency has witnessed numerous attacks in the past several years which has lead to large-scale loss of funds. No security can assure 100% protection of data and funds, but Oodlbit is working towards ensuring optimal security for users at all times. The security system provided to users includes:

  • SMS and Two-factor authentication (2FA) at all steps in the trading cycle or within the platform.
  • Systems capable of detecting unusual and malicious activity like a change of IP/location, change of login and unusual trading platforms.
  • The user’s funds are stored in a clod storage wallet away from the live servers and can be accessed only by authenticated officials from the management team of Oodlbit.
  • In order to avoid interruptions in transactions, the Oodlbit live servers are guarded by Anti -DDoS services.

Mission and Team

Oodlbit is a US-based business founded by Nicholas Dooley with the intention of providing users with fast, reliable, fair and secure trading platform built from the best technologies and maintained by the best. The team at Oodlbit comprises traders, engineers, investors, and innovators who aim to create a better user experience using the knowledge at their disposal

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Oodlbit claims its mission is to treat users how they would wish to be treated themselves and to have fun while doing positive, creative work with input from all that will help shape a better future.

More Details of Oodlbit :
Official Website: https://www.oodlebit.com
Legal Compliance: https://www.oodlebit.com/legal.php
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4725007.0
Telegram: https://t.me/oodlebit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oodlebit


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