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Change is inevitable especially in a technology-oriented world like ours where we have become accustomed to having everything at finger length. One most prominent change in lifestyle has been in our monetary dealings with more and more people opting for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and other models. The rise of these models has been propelled by “blockchains” or “block chain” which is prevalent in all technological cryptographic activity.

The blockchain is a dynamic growing list of records, called blocks, connected using cryptography with each block possessing an encrypted version of the previous block, a timestamp, and the encrypted message data. It acts as a secure ledger to note transactions and although unalterable, it is considered extremely secure.

The advent of blockchain has revolutionized not only the financial industry but also the entertainment sector and the analytics industry and this is where SLATE has come in.

SLATE is a blockchain based entertainment utility protocol powered by a cryptographically secure multilayer network that uses the decentralization feature of blockchains to deliver low-cost, high-speed, high-definition video content globally and facilitate live ticketing. Customers use SLX, Slate’s very own cryptocurrency to purchase content. The transparent nature of Slate ensures that creators are compensated fairly while consumers receive high-quality content. The live ticketing feature helps eliminate fraud and forgery while allowing service providers who hold SLX earning opportunities. With clever use of blockchain technology SLATE has:

Disrupted the video-on-demand services available by providing superior options and quality through Binge
Created tokenized ticketing systems that eliminate fraud using SLATIX
Providing meaningful, relevant and enjoyable data to users with unprecedented access.
Empowered the user by giving him final control over decisions and establishing trust.

SLATE comprises 3 layers –

App Layer or Consumer Interaction Layer
Service Layer or MasterNode Network Layer
SLATE Chain or Transactional & Token Network

MasterNode Network Layer

In addition to the ledger and primary network SLATE possesses “MasterNodes” which store high-quality video content and deliver them to Binge users. MasterNodes work to secure the generation and redemption of tickets bought using SLATIX. What makes MasterNodes different is the added benefits provided, mainly being the SLX cryptocurrency network which encourages the service providers to develop and maintain a globally on network service.


Binge is a first in the video streaming industry and will totally change the way we watch video content online. It introduces the BVOD- Blockchain Video On Demand, the first software to use premium blockchain ledger technology in video streaming. This media platform, in a first for the industry, facilitates easy streaming of great content and transparent behavior analytics that reveal consumer tastes, helping to provide content tailored to consumer preferences. Binge while adhering to consumer satisfaction also keeps the developer happy through an excellent revenue sharing model, mediating access to network and analysis obtained from it.


SLATIX is the new mobile app from the SLATE family. Launched with the aim of modernizing ticketing and discovering new entertainment avenues including music, movies, theatre, and sport. With a system of authenticated reviews, consumers are introduced to the best entertainment within their spheres of interest. Reviews are curated and incentives are provided via SLX while regular users are encouraged and rewarded with loyalty points and gifts, coupons etc. The biggest change that SLATIX aims to bring about is the elimination of fraud. Since all tickets are secondary tokens on the blockchain network, forgery becomes impossible yet tickets can be securely transferred across the network.

Considering that the annual revenue from ticket sales in the USA alone is around $1.2 billion and HULU & NETFLIX earn a combined $15.5 billion from an active streamer community of 251 million, SLATIX  is definitely the next big thing in mobile apps.


SLX is the cryptocurrency tool that runs the Slate Entertainment Ecosystem and is ledgered on the Slate blockchain. The initial capital is raised through the sale of SLX tokens. The total number of SLX available is 9,500,000,000 which are utilized as follows:

Sale –         48%
Content –         21 %
Slate Group –     18%
Marketing –     7%
Development – 6%
The revenue generated from the sale of tokens is utilized as follows:

Content –         51%
Development – 19%
Marketing –     18%
Overhead –     12%
Token Sale is structured in a very ordered manner. On the first day, rates begin at 3 cents and then rise by a quarter-cent every 4 days up to a peak rate of 4 cents ie,

Days 1-4         :       $0.03
Days 5-8         :       $0.0325
Days 9-12     :      $0.035
Days 13-16    :      $0.0375
Days 17-20    :      $0.04

SLATE team

The Slate team is a mix of creative, enterprising and talented individuals with experiences in different facets of businesses and bring extensive experience in commercialization and brand development as well as blockchain technology, films, documentaries etc.

The SLATE Founding team comprises of Cody Hackman, a Hollywood actor, producer and playwright, Michael Moyal and Marino Kulas, founders of North Hollywood Films.

Slate has also partnered with a number of firms like SITGES, XYZFILMS, HITBTC, iCONECT, tiff, DDA, MILL    ER THOMSON, T&B Media Group, Akin Gump and OPTIFI in order to reach a wider audience as well as being featured prominently in press outlets like the Hollywood Reporter, Variety and and Screen Daily amongst others.

For More Details of Slate ICO :
Official website: https://slate.io/en/ .
Whitepaper: https://slate.io/Slate_Whitepaper.pdf .
Twitter: https://twitter.com/slatecurrency .
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slatecurrency .
Telegram: https://t.me/Slate .
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/slatecurrency



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