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Virtuse may be a next-generation blockchain-powered exchange that enables investors worldwide to trade a good array of cryptoassets. It’s a novel platform that mixes the simplest of the normal investment world with the new digital assets system. Virtuse Exchange creates a bridge between cryptocurrencies and tangible assets like oil, precious metals, emission allowances, and stock indices, by employing a crypto wrapper referred to as DACT. The exchange will list and trade virtually each liquid, “real world,” plus through a huge network of partners.

The platform can at the start operate in a very centralized fashion and can support ancient cryptocurrencies and tokens, additionally to associate initial unharness of DACTs, wrapping fashionable money instruments like the SP500, technical school stocks, and commodities. 

Despite growing pressure to control internationally, several current exchanges are still solely commercialism domestically. Virtuse Exchange can virtually apprehend no borders, and can permit commercialism with contracts from everywhere the planet. One in all the unbelievable blessings of crypto-exchanges, compared to ancient exchanges, is that the utilization of sensible Contracts. Sensible Contracts cut back the necessity for intermediaries, like high-priced clearing banks and custodians, and can well cut back workplace prices.


There are essential 3 differing kinds of exchanges. 

Incumbent Exchanges

This handles “Real World” assets like stocks, bonds, commodities, and money derivatives. They were revolutionary throughout an amount of your time and helped to get finance for corporations United Nations agency would otherwise not be ready to attract investors.

Crypto Exchanges

This handle cryptocurrencies and also the coins coupled to them. They were revolutionary solely few years gone, permitting thousands of little corporations to attach with little investors while not paying high-priced intermediaries.

Next Generation Exchanges

These represent a mix of the above; this is often wherever Virtuse Exchange comes in. Virtuse is that the initial platform to make a safer setting by linking Real Assets to cryptocurrencies, by hand choosing the specified blessings from each.

With next generation exchange that linking the recent with the new Virtuse Platform There are several planned ways for taking real-world assets and, “putting them on a blockchain.” The goal is to attain the safety, speed, and easy transfer of Bitcoin, combined with the responsibility and corporeality of real- world assets. This is often a replacement variety of associate recent concept: “securitization” (turning a collection of assets into a security), and in some cases the, “tokenization,” is of securitized assets.

In different words, Virtuse Exchange is pairing the recent investments of the, “real-world,” and also the new trend of platform domination with new technological potentialities.

Virtuse Exchange is developed in 3 phases, every establishing totally different functionalities and product. 

Phase 1

We will introduce the platform, permitting trade with normal cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Liquidity is ensured by market manufacturers (able to feature or withdraw enough coins from different platforms if needed). This primary part also will prove the platform’s stability and security.

Phase 2

We will introduce DACTs (Digital plus Collateralized Tokens)  the core innovation of the platform. Its tokens are directly coupled to underlying liquid and tradable real assets, permitting high liquidity (the platform is in a position to buy additional underlying assets and, thus, produce new coins, and vice versa).

Phase 3

We will introduce DAFs (Digital plus Funds), that are funds managed by consultants making portfolios of DACTs or different coins, with distributed portfolios. A number of the DAFs are centered on higher come and risk at an equivalent time, whereas others on minimizing risk through diversification.

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For More Details of Virtuse Exchange:
Official Website: https://www.virtuse.com
Whitepaper: http://virtuse.com/public/pdf/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/virtuse
Twitter: http://twitter.com/VirtuseExchange
ANN / Bounty Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5025842.0



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