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The DAOstack project is a serious application for making decentralized autonomous organizations viable – communities of people united by common goals and activities. Decentralized organizations are the institutions of the future, which so far can be appreciated by those who know what constitutes blockade and bitcoin. With the increasing introduction of cryptocurrency into the masses of ideas about justice, that they can seriously contribute to obtaining solid revenues, the idea of decentralization and the DAO will become more and more realized.To date, the development of this activity has delayed the complete absence of programs in which decentralization could be implemented. DAOstack took on this mission.

The purpose of the DAOstack project is to provide DAO with the opportunity to develop
The main goal of the DAOstack platform is to give the world of decentralized organizations a breakthrough value management system. Implemented on the blockbuster of the Etherium, DAOstack has all the advantages of this technology – transparency, high speed, reliability. On the platform, you can implement the development of JavaScript applications, it has an intuitive interface.

The DAOstack platform will enable online companies to easily organize and interact with each other. Numerous applications will help organize numerous collective communications and joint work of the DAO. The DAOstack platform is a new ecosystem that allows you to interact openly. Unite decentralized organizations will be possible not only for economic interests but also for a common philosophy and the proficiency of intangible values.

The global goal of the DAOstack project is to build a future based on the unhindered cooperation of free people.

Open source – the ability to work on the task of “the whole world”
Just as Wikipedia once brought together interested people to work on its content, the DAOstack platform, created on the Ethereum block, will provide the opportunity to work together on any task, thanks to the open code. The DAOstack project aimed at replacing and surpassing such specialized networks as:

Google and others.
This is quite realistic if a reliable management system is introduced. What the DAOstack platform offers. This control system on the server will create conditions for not only third-party developers but also programmers of the DAOstack platform to join forces, working on open source and developing it quickly.

The DAOstack platform should be looked at by investors – in the next few years it will develop, and the tokens that will be issued for its development will be distributed among the network participants, encouraging and motivating them to further joint activities.

The creators of DAOstack want to unify the management system and virtual offices, where all those involved in the future Internet will work – investors, businessmen, freelancers.

DAOstack System

Mesh networks, which consist of DAO – smart organizations that create an anticompetitive economy;
DApps – various applications;
Alchemy – a user interface that is compatible with multiple applications;
Arc – a framework or a universal control system, through which it will be possible to deploy DAO on the backroom. Analog WordPress for sites on the Internet.
The DAOstack ecosystem will enable decentralized autonomous organizations:

To be regulated on the basis of Ethereum smart contracts, which will ensure the perfect implementation of the decisions made in the command mode.
Economically, it is due to the bonus stimulation of the individual currency by cryptocurrency.
Successfully move forward in their activities, consistent with the will of the majority, which guarantees effectiveness.

Take part in ICO DAOstack – make a real contribution to the future
The DAOstack platform runs on the GEN token. This cryptocurrency will be needed for successful work in the system of decentralized management, for the promotion of applications and other things. GEN is distributed among the participants of the platform. The preship of DAOstack cryptocurrency will be opened in 11 days – on April 30.

The DAOstack platform is a living organism that develops constantly. Investments in the GEN coin will allow you to join the newest unique developments of cryptomir.

Experienced development team DAOstack
The joint efforts of the best minds of the United States, Israel, and other countries are gathered in the DAOstack project. All members of the team have successfully implemented various block-development and decentralized management systems. All of them have gone a long way towards the idea of decentralization, they consider it to be the most promising in any matter. The crypto enthusiasts assembled here are the guarantee that the idea will be successful.

Among the names can be called Natalia Scherer, a system engineer who successfully operates in complex systems of interactions, Matana Field – perfectly oriented in decentralized management, Oren Sokolovsky – a dreamer who converts ideas into program code.

To work on the platform, experts were involved:

DaoStack Team

Daniel Schmachtenberger – Co-Founder of Neurohacker Collective. The founder of Critical Path Global. Evolutionary philosopher and system strategist.
Jordan Grinhol – Co-Founder and former CEO of Divx. Co-founder of MP3.com. One of the leaders of the Deep Code movement.
Ionnie Assia – Founder and CEO of eToro.com. Member of the Board of Meitav Dash. One of the pioneers of cryptography.
Martin Köpelman – Co-founder and CEO of Gnosis. Entrepreneur and thinker in block space.

DAOStack Partners

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