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Digital platforms are expanding at a dizzying pace. More and more services are provided in the market and are based on Blockchain technology, however, there is a big problem in the verification of the location of the parties that make up the smart contract, and this is a problem that will solve the problem. network XYO network.

In order to fulfill this task, they have decided to develop a project that aims to make this digital ecosystem evolve in a remarkable way in a short time and that would become much more important than Bitcoin and Ethereum together. Why? One of the many advantages with respect to the cryptocurrencies that exist and continue to create is that they are all focused on the online world, however, XYO Network is used for online and offline uses.

What will it provide to people? This is a transcendental question when it comes to knowing exactly what a new project can offer to each one of the people. That is, to know what the true contributions are. Therefore, as mentioned above, the area to be developed by XYO Network is specifically focused on a decentralized geolocation.

This geolocation is focused on the GPS sector. For several years XYO has been at the forefront of the creation of new methods and location systems. Precisely the factor that most interests them is to be able to elaborate an environment where information flows in a fast, stable and safe way. A system that allows direct interaction with users continuously and without interruptions.

Precisely, the task that XYO Network has developed over time fulfills a double function. In addition to offering users a geo-positioning service that stands out for its accuracy and speed, it also aims to create a platform that is fully decentralized. In short, a system in which only the user and the application intervene and correlate, without the intervention of third parties or mediating entities, which would reduce globally really high costs. In fact, you only have to see the money that moves the markets that depend on the location, being these no less than 11 trillion dollars a year. That if you compare them with other markets (around 400 billion dollars in the total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, or 2.77 trillion dollars in B2C online sales),

Because it is a purely digital platform from every point of view, XYO network rests fully on the technology and the advanced development of it. First, the system creates the various methods of geolocalization by means of cryptography, which allows the transmission of data to be more secure and balanced. This prevents any possible cyber attack or unexpected failure.

The chain of blocks also plays a key role in the development of the network. This makes it possible to create an environment that is much more interactive and thanks to this the exchange of data and information consistently feed this digital ecosystem.

Of course, there are other, more advanced technological factors that make XYO Network an accurate and unique system in its style. Such is the case of the use of sentinels, bridges, filing cabinets and fortune tellers that, thanks to these four factors, make the location throughout the entire planet earth much safer and more accurate.

The XYO network makes it possible to build a virtual panorama based on the accuracy and correct transmission of information. This will not give way to mistakes and each scheduled location will have a level of detail unique in its style. In addition, security also plays an extremely important role at all times. Thanks to the sentinels, you can not falsify locations, addresses or devices. The entire database will be properly protected.

On the other hand, the “bridges” that make up the XYO Network are in charge of making sure that the information is transmitted correctly and in a short time. This is how the transfer of data, regardless of the magnitude of these, can be done quickly.

As for the file cabinets, this is a special technology used only by XYO to protect and store all types of data. This data backup is carried out in a decentralized manner. Finally, the fortune tellers are responsible for validating the authenticity of all the information that arrives in the system. This is how each gear is perfectly coupled to maintain the balance and excellence of XYO Network.

As you might have discovered, geolocation is very important in the real world, as well as for that reason, what the XYO network provides us can be completely coupled to various tasks or features where we would plainly enhance our lives. A clear instance of this would certainly be the details on the area of an item that has been sold-bought online. Both the seller and the buyer would be informed of where the package is at all times, which would avoid many headaches and unnecessary expenses.

But that’s just one of many cases where you can apply, from auto insurance agencies for the detection of vehicles, to airline agencies for the detection of the location of suitcases, or in national security with a control more meticulous of weapons.

However, there are still other scenarios that are much more important than the reduction of costs and headaches, such as the reduction of human deaths due to errors that exist in the current system. For example, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States and many of these deaths are the result of operational or record-keeping errors, which include adverse drug interactions, inadequate medical records, and even unnecessary surgeries; but if the XYO network were linked to the existing system, it would significantly reduce communication errors and the maintenance of records that can cause serious injuries to the patient and, in addition, death.

As you see, the benefits of the XYO Network in the real world can be extremely important and impressive.

XYO Network has the TGE, Token Generation Event, for its expansion
This is how it plans to expand and reach more people around the world so that XYO Network reaches our lives as soon as possible. Whoever purchases Tokens XYO will not only be contributing to the expansion of XYO Network but will also get the opportunity to get lower prices for the XYO token purchase.

The main sale phase begins on March 20, 2018, and will end on April 20, 2018, and its exchange rate is 1 ETH = 100,000 XYO. The XYO token is ERC20 and belongs to the Ethereum network.

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For More Details of XYO ICO:
Official Website: https://xyo.network
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