What is Viola | Advantages of Viola Project and Token Sale

What is Viola

Viola is the world’s first Blockchain based, an artificial intelligence-driven marketplace for dating and relationships which is backed by Ethereum.

Viola.ai has been designed to achieve following objectives.

  1. Being the world’s most effective AI advisor and assistant for dating and relationships.
  2. Being the world’s first Blockchain based marketplace for dating and relationship.

To achieve these objectives this platform has been developed on three main core values.

  • AI Engine – Artificial Intelligence engine provides highly personalized matching and unique relationship advice.
  • Blockchain Technology – This technology archive the personal details into a decentralized ledger. It ensures the user’s trustworthiness through visual recognition technology. When a user entered personal information, this platform searches through Social Media channels and verify the accuracy of those details.
  • Marketplace – This platform allows the users to search the recommendations for needed goods and services including gift items, best restaurants etc.

Viola.ai has been overridden all the other similar service providers as it provides lots of unique features.  

  • Decentralized with visual recognition
  • Keep track on user’s behavior, conversation history, preferences etc.
  • 24/7 highly personalized relationship advice and solutions.
  • Hassle free coordination
  • Smart AI calendar provides reminders on special occasions.

Viola has been developed an own Cryptocurrency namely VIOLA token. Tokens can be used in several ways within the platform and outside the platform.

  • Can be used to pay for goods and services from the experts and connected merchants.
  • Revenue share – For every transaction that experts/ merchants and partners make 1% to 10% revenue will be shared with Viola members.
  • Experts and merchants can pay for Viola advertising programs by Viola tokens.
  • A small amount of Viola token shall be reworded to each new verified user.

Viola expects to distribute 250 Million of tokens among the participants. Out of that 37% will be allocated through token sales. 25% will be reserved in reserve pool for future developments. 28% will be made available for rewards and bounty pool. Remaining 10% will be allocated to the team, partners, and advisors.

Funds collecting through token sales would be allocated as follows.

  • 37% of marketing and expansions
  • 30% of IT and content development
  • 13% of manpower
  • 17% of working capital and part of this would be reserved to meet un-forecasted future variances.
  • 3% of ensuring governance and legal compliances.

Viola expects to expand their platform globally during the period between 2018 and 2019. They have lined up few of the milestones as follows.


Quarter 2

  • Develop personal relationship AI assistant module.
  • Development of Viola.AI wallet, marketplace and token application.

Quarter 3

  • Integrate AI and Blockchain features.
  • Integration with all actual group ecosystem.

Quarter 4

  • Creating a data pipeline to build the deep learning models.
  • Matching profiles based on machine learning algorithm.
  • Integrate token economy with credit card usage.


Quarter 1

  • Provide personalized relationship advice for married users.
  • Recommends services and products to enhance the relationship.
  • Develop a more aggressive relationship with partners, experts, and merchants.

Viola management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation of few of the team members. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Violet Lim – Co-founder

Violet is an expert in brand building. She is working in the field for last 13 years.

Jamie Lee – Co-founder

Jemie provides the strategic, business development and commercialization direction for Viola.

Zam Ong – Co-founder

He possesses 15 years of experience in technological development. He is an expert in AI and has been leading the research and development in Cryptocurrency and AI.

With the development of this platform, the team expects to transform the global dating and relationship landscaping.   

More Details of Viola Token Sale : Viola Official Website

Viola White Paper: Click Here 

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