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TIM Tokens,TALKING.IM (TIM) is a multi-zone blockchain running on specific confirmation of belongingness based swarm defense application system. TIM is GPS joined with blockchain. It exponentially makes strides the execution of authorization less operators by another agreement instrument in light of geomining. The dapps progress toward becoming hyperlocal and geo-area mindful. This lifts security. The MVP arrange, at BitPost, gives 100k+tps capacities to token exchanges, keen contracts, IOT cluster operations versatile to 100M tps by Q4-2018. TIM arranges is consequently and progressively oversaw by swarms and geo-digging for stack conveyance, misrepresentation recognition and system operations.

TIM Mission

We imagine a universe of bounty. There is sufficient for everyone.There can’t be outskirts to restrain the open doors. The out of line advantage is for everybody. There is no dread and no passing up a major opportunity. The development isn’t zero aggregate for few. Development is in making esteems for everybody.



TIM Token is based on straightforward idea of geo-area based verification for encouraging exchanges of significant worth and data. However, it might look complex because of numerous new ideas w.r.t standard blockchain ideas

TIM Token

TIM has 8.5+ billion tokens and typical generation rate of 5 tokens for every second. The generation rate will be controlled by establishment to coordinate human populace. The idea of coordinating human populace is for advancing logic of development. The tokens will be remunerated in new hinders each 5 seconds. The token will be doled out finished all the principle arranges for winning hubs of each of the zones. In this manner, the compensated tokens would be for the most part partial. This is called smaller scale conveyance. The system will begin with 2 billion pre-mined tokens. These saved for different sorts of econometric motivation. The significant offer of pre-dug tokens is held for affect ventures. 500 Million TIMs are held for Africa advancement through different business enterprise activities. 600 Million TIMs are likewise saved for rest of the world.

TIM Benefits

  • TIM is eco-kind disposition separated from likewise being evenhanded and future prepared.
  • TIM made it possible to see it through client’s success.
  • The first few steps decide your destiny. TIM has taken exclusive care to make those steps right.
  • It has no exorbitant mining rig required to partake.
  • It is too evenhanded, which implies that individuals in distant spots of Africa can profit the same level of security as America and pay relatively lesser expenses which is a impression of low level of business and abnormal state of development opportunity in there locale.

TIM Team

Prabhat K Singh (Chief & Core-Dev)

Amrit K Pati (Project/Integration Lead)

Prachi Dubey (Fabrication Expert)

Hadi Mohd (Developer)

TIM Applications

  1. Banking Services: Free, Secure and Anonymous managing an account administration in light of your needs and administrative insurance.

2.      Blockchain Taxi: Proficient taxi benefits by P2P organize in a territory.

3.      IOT & UAV: IOT applications are an expansion of universally useful blockchain. Secure and decentralized blockchain goes about as data trade and also consistence screen for UAVs.

4.      Business Services: An extensive stage with P2P calculation, stockpiling and examination.

TIM Future Plans

TIM is future prepared, as it is making a solid and heavenly client encounter, as in p2p taxi administration and coordination track and follow, where clients advantage by disposal of center men and landmass bouncing force chugging servers. In future, they will locate a similar execution of administration in time of driverless autos on the same organize.

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