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The blockchain industry is adding new values for the world market and now we can use all processes and actions in global market. When developing these technologies the cryptocurrency market also begin to develop. And also cryptocurrency is became the new trend of the financial network. Normally people always want to put their capital with financial independency and confident in future.

Solid good management only can survive from high inflation and protect their economy for future because of unstable and financial variation of market most of companies cannot survive and they are collapsing.    

  1. Lack of transparency of transactions and its closed structure.
  2. There is no good control when transferring funds for management.
  3. Managing of capital is totally depending on particular team.
  4. Lack of proper strategies

Because of these problems in centralized system world is invented this decentralized system. After that that problem was salved and then another problem was arising in those systems.

  1. Volatile prices of cryptocurrency and altcoin.
  2. Most of token holders doesn’t skill to manage risk.
  3. There are lots of coins doesn’t have much trust.
  4. Lots of cryptocurrencies have limitation when liquidity.

HyperQuant is developed to solve these problems which is a blockchain platform. It is introduced as revolutionary ecosystem for create financial services. It is also have artificial intelligence. This will give solution to wide range of problems that blockchain community enthusiasm and newcomers to blockchain. in this new platform AI based technology

Modules of this ecosystem.

    • Operation layer
    • Core layer
    • AI layer


  • Application layer   


Hyperquant usage and solutions

Electronic communication network of HyperQuant (ECN)

This ECN may be a technology wont to place obtain and sell orders. And additionally by mistreatment this we are able to monitor many exchanges through framework. After we are exchanging cryptocurrency there’s no common value regulator or order process centre. It provides principally identical sets of instruments however value dynamic is critical at any time. By mistreatment ECN order are often dead on many types’ cryptocurrency exchanges. This is often as a result of sensible order routing at intervals the network.  

Smart order routing (SOR)

For higher executions that optimized order routine is critical and this is often as a result of technological innovations and ultimately this may boost varied commercialism system. If all commercialism systems open then it’ll troublesome to order routine supported the liquidity in marketplace. Because the answer for this SOR is introduced and it permits orders to be routed dynamically within the system network. And conjointly for higher execution order decentralization can complies with the essential principles of blockchain technology. The most advantage of order decentralization is reducing the opposite party risk.

Trading bot constructor

To make certain economical mercantilism it’ll be automatize the mercantilism methods sooner or later. Once manual mercantilism going human issue is that the main issue decide the potency of mercantilism strategy. Therefore internet primarily based on-line larva builder permits to users to implement any strategy with able to use program part.

Quantitative framework and SDK

This has two components.

  1. HyperQuant quantitative framework

              It has following functions

  • Sets of mathematical and applied math functions
  • Data flow engine with advanced event process and statistic manipulators.
  • Powerful SDK for C# and Python
  • Automated analysis and potency check or commercialism

  1. HyperQuant SDK for automated trading systems

This allows the implementation of three rules of automatic trading

  • Universality – this is often headed at non-public algorithmic traders, tiny groups and banks
  • Unlimited output capability – synchronous execution of many methods
  • High speed transactions – inside many microseconds request will govt.    

Crypto Hedge – fund infrastructure

There is no or less clear in crypto structure and activities and it’ll be harder to create prime quality code to secure totally practical fund operation.

Trading signal Marketplace

Market data vendor

Market data storage

HyperQuant Roadmap

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