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Traditional enactment currencies and cryptocurrencies shouldn’t be separated as operative severally of every different. It has a tendency to believe that cryptocurrencies and enactment currencies within the future can operate together overarching possibility of world currency, with every having their own use case and don’t share the read that enactment currencies are going to be abolished nor will we share the read that cryptocurrencies can become the new world dominant currency. There is a trend the market evolving and developing to search out a fair-balanced middle ground between the 2 kinds of currencies as noted on top of. If cryptocurrencies square measure to be taken seriously by the globe and for mass adoption to be achieved, and like to decriminalize cryptocurrencies through a trustworthy, secure and controlled medium, channel or answer.

Recently, the globe and therefore the cryptocurrency community has witnessed a severe backlash from ancient banks, payments processors and master card corporations forbiddance customers and users from shopping for, investment or transacting in any cryptocurrency connected businesses. In order for the market to mature and to extend mass adoption we’d like to market freedom and autonomy over people’s own finances. The answer isn’t to get rid of banks, or monetary establishments or to overthrow them with the increase of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, however the answer is to merge and marry the advantages from each of those powerful worlds.

The growth of smartphone usage aligns with our growth plans and direction of developing an app solely digital banking answer that is light-weight, secure and accessible. In speech this, there square measure over two billion unbanked adults UN agency don’t have access to the banking infrastructure. According to Statista, the quantity of smartphone users is forecast to grow from two.1 billion in two016 to around 2.5 billion in 2019, with smartphone penetration rates increasing. General world shift to mobile-only digital solutions and banking is a neighborhood that’s due for a digital shake-up.

HubrisOne checking account victimization secure blockchain payments, this brings several advantages ne’er seen before within the industry, such as:

    • Period traceability and following of funds, you may recognize once and wherever your transfer is in the slightest degree times
    • International payments victimization the stellar blockchain property across international banking payments networks
    • A rapid on-demand settlement, after you transfer with quicker payments or SEPA (usually at intervals 2-4 hours)

HubrisOne permits users to consolidate their new and existing portfolios underneath one roof while maintain their fund management company. There’re simplifying wealth management solutions for our users by incorporating information power-driven insights and analytics, an enormous breadth of investment finance merchandise, from cryptocurrency indexes to ancient S&P world index and more:

    • Withdraw or add funds directly from your HubrisOne checking account in seconds.
    • Access third-party funds and wealth manager’s victimization the hauteur Token.

The HBRS token are going to be the bloodline of the HubrisApp. If the hauteur App is that the road, the HBRS token is that the cars, trucks and therefore the motorcycles. They’re each terribly smitten by one another and it is going to be a useful utility token at intervals the platform, this may enable users, investors and our customers to access the subsequent, the list isn’t thorough and any functionalities is also side in due course.

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