What is BETHEL? – Build Your Own New Blockchain Workstation 2020

What Is Bethel

“BETHEL”, simply put, is a multi-language programming platform for all developers looking to utilize blockchain technology for their developing, innovative and implementation needs.

BETHEL, What is it? 

Bethel in short is,

  • An ecosystem composed of clusters of trust-less nodes built-in and adhering to notary standards.
  • A blockchain development ecosystem with data transaction capabilities like no other.
  • A State-of-the-art, right out-of-the-box implementation for development needs that require a blockchain backbone and quick deployment.

The Bethel architecture allows anyone looking to utilize it the following abilities:

    • Multi-language development kit to utilize blockchain technology on development needs and quick implementation and use of the same.
    • Decentralized blockchain transaction capabilities with the use of public, private and hybrid channels, keeping to privacy needs and ensuring on-chain and transaction data security.
    • The customizable nature of the entire ecosystem to the needs of the user, having access to customizable on-chain governance and consensus mechanisms.
    • The presence of the Oracle module within Bethel, enables the user to perform operations that require a higher level of clearance and authority and such changes can be authenticated via the Oracle module implemented within the ecosystem.
    • Bethel stores information as a document where such information is stored can be saved inclusive of its state, which the original information embedded to the blockchain can be marked as original and if an update is applied to the information within the chain, after careful cryptographic verification of keys the new information is market as original while the previous record marked as an archive. 
    • Information storage within the network is facilitated by the use of the transaction persistence protocol.
    • A user using the Bethel development kit can write their unique set of instructions that the blockchain that they would want to setup has to follow, this set of instructions or steps are termed as business logic and the end user is given the highest flexibility keeping their development requirements in mind.

Bethel, An Overview.

Bethel is a development platform and a blockchain development kit, where a network of trustless nodes working independently and with each other transacting information within and outside of the network and as required with the use of an Oracle, the nodes consists of standard nodes as well as guardian nodes inclusive of the notary standards and protocols, transactions are verified and protected against double spends and conforms to highest levels of integrity,

transactions that occurs in the Bethel network are saved and treated  as Documents within the network, the network also has the ability to save such documents containing information in two states one being the original information embedded and if such information was changed the previously original information would be marked as Archived and the updated information treated as the Original,

Bethel also facilitates separate channels within the network, where the channels cater to respective transmission of data within the network clearly managing transmission traffic through ultra speed data transmission within the network and outside if and as required, the storage of information within the network is facilitated by transaction persistence protocol where the business logic can be implemented by whichever database protocol that is needed by the end user giving them the flexibility to their own ways of development aspects and most of all Bethel offers a complete Development Kit that caters to the open source as well as the enterprise level usage. it comes with a complete setup of functioning a  blockchain, with all the capabilities and abilities of a true blockchain environment.

Bethel, why?

How Bethel stands out from other frameworks out there.

         The answer is simple, Bethel provides features and implementations that no other framework out there provides at this  moment.

  1. Oracle
  2. Learning Curve
  3. Development Curve
  4. Public, Private And Hybrid Networks
  5. Industry Focus
  6. Usage
  7. Smart Contracts
  8. Governance
  9. Consensus
  10. Mode Of Operation
    • Oracle – Bethel offers an Optional Oracle Module, catering to operations needing authentication from a higher level of authority and major such changes can be authenticated and implemented via the Bethel Oracle Module.
    • Learning Curve – The learning curve of Bethel is significantly low, the end user does not need to spend time to learn the entire logic and functional aspects of a blockchain and can right away start focusing and implementing their business logic and deploying it in no time.
    • Development Curve – As the learning curve involved in Bethel being low, the same applies to the development aspects and usage of Bethel, as Bethel offers right out of the box implementation, the business logic can be directly stated on the development kit without the need for blockchain development to be carried out.
    • Configuration – Bethel eases setting up through options that can be setup through a configuration file, all parameters and switches are incorporated via the configuration file and it would be as easy as changing a single value to obtain the required operation.
    • Public, Private and H
    • Hybrid Networks – Bethel allows the end user to simply decide on which blockchain protocol they would need for their development environment to use and simply go with it, the Bethel ecosystem consists of Public, Private and Hybrid Blockchain capabilities that can suit the end user for variety of their developing needs and operations and can simply switch between them by changing a parameter on the configuration file or simply by a tick through Bethel Studio.
    • Industry Focus – Bethel focuses and caters to the developer community and extends its functionality to all industries looking forward to utilizing blockchain technology for their development needs.
    • Usage –  Bethel’s ability extends beyond simple data storage or information transacting, even though such aspects are covered by many players out there, as Bethel our focus is towards helping the ones who keep the systems running, the developers who innovate and look forward to utilizing decentralized  ledger ecosystems and platforms to achieve their development goals within the blockchain space.
    • Smart Contracts –  Bethel ecosystem is end-user customizable by Bethel’s very own ability to integrate and execute instructions set forth by the developer, business logic is used to identify the same and this logic can be set forth by the end user or the developer by the use of the Bethel Development Kit.
    • Governance – A major advantage and a key fundamental of the  blockchain technology, is offered by Bethel as a complete customizable aspect catering to the developer’s requirements and needs, hence thereby can be customized simply with the business logic implementation.
    • Consensus –  A part of the governance function of the blockchain technology, it is too customizable through the consensus-governance mechanism provided through the Bethel Development Kit, customizable to any and all requirements of the end-user/developer, whatever the programming language they utilize for the implementation of the respective business logic.
    • Mode Of Operation – Bethel’s mode of operation is as customizable and user friendly as Bethel itself respecting the user needs, completely customizable to the development needs of the end user as Bethel offers three modes of operations and channels, namely being public, private and hybrid abilities, which the end user can benefit from for their development needs.

Bethel, What does it offer?

  • Privacy

Bethel offers complete privacy for data transactions, within its integrated channels, within as well as outside of the Bethel ecosystem and for every data and documents stored within the Bethel ecosystem.

  • Flexibility

Bethel strives for flexibility, the entire ecosystem can be customized to the needs of the end user through the Bethel Development Kit.

  • Scalability

Bethel believes in ease of scalability and always looks to keep things simple as simple as being able to scale as needed and to keep it simple and try to achieve it easily through a tick on checkbox, where the end user is able to scale and allocate resources within the entire ecosystem to customize their needs.

  • Performance

Bethel understands the need for ultra-fast data transmission and has offered the same within and outside of its ecosystem through the use of NATS P2P protocol having the capacity to transmit, verify data and messages upto 1 million transmission per second.

  • Security

Bethel takes security very seriously, high data security through secured transmission of data within and outside of all channels is enabled and always kept to double encryption data standards and is innovatively native to the Bethel ecosystem. 

Join with us.

Start working on your own Blockchain Innovation with “BETHEL” .

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