What is Mossland | Real Review about Mossland Game Platform and Mossland ICO

What is Mossland

Mossland is blockchain based real estate-centric, location-based Augmented Reality mobile game platform, which allows the players to add real properties in the world to the Mossland virtual world. This application allowed the other players to buy and sell those real properties using Cryptocurrencies. This gaming platform has differentiated themselves with others in following aspects.

Location-based Augmented Reality –

Location-based services have become popular as a result of increasing GSP functionality on personal devices. Users are able to visit physical locations and “check-in” to nearby locations, competing with other players on the network for ownership. That means the game players can add real-world properties into the virtual world and the property owners can purchase and apply accessories to their properties. Players will be rewarded for those actions.

Property and Accessory Auction House – Players can buy, sell and exchange tradable properties through an in-game auction house. Transaction within the Mossland world will be taken place with Moss Coins. Moss Coins are the cryptocurrency that is unique for the Mossland virtual world.

Location-based P2P advertising – Any Mossland player can create and run advertising campaigns through a simple in-game interface. Moss budget will be used to reward and incentivize the players who visit the property.

Mossland uses Moss Coins backed by Ethereum, as their official currency within the platform. There are three ways to acquire Moss Coins.

  • Ex-game acquisition and exchange

Players would be able to purchase Moss Coin through the ICO and later they would be able to purchase through exchanges. Pre-sale has already been successfully completed. Main ICO will be open on 21st March 2018 and will be kept open until 17th April 2018.

  • In-game, In-App Purchases

Players would be able to purchase Coins through the app. But this is expensive than external purchases due to the fee imposed by Google play store and Apple app store.

  • Auction house sales

Property owners will be able to receive Moss by selling their properties.

The total supply is limited to Million coins and after that new coins will not be issued. That total supply would be distributed as follows.

  • 25% of the total will be available in main ICO
  • 20% will be allocated to strategic partners
  • 15% would be reserved for in-app purchases
  • 13% will be available in pre-ICO
  • 7% will be reserved in company reserve

Remaining 20% will be allocated by 15% & 5% among the team and the advisors respectively

Mosland is backed by Reality Reflection, a company located in Korea. They have deployed highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, Graphic designing, legal, technology, online communication, and marketing. Following is a brief explanation about the Co-founders. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Wooram Son

Wooram is a 3D computer graphic expert and he was working for Samsung electronics as a software engineer.

Chester Roh

Chester is the founder of Inzen, TNC, and 5Rocks.

Minuk Kim

Minuk is a 3D computer graphic expert and he was working for Pantech as a software engineer.

Yongjun Hong

He was the CFO of 5Rocks and worked as an accountant at PWC Korea

Sean Oh

Sean worked as a software engineer for Samsung electrics

After completing the main ICO, the team expects to register Moss with crypto exchanges. They have lined up the following millstones until 2019.

  • Building the prototype by the 3rd quarter of this year
  • Introducing the Alpha version
  • Introducing the Beta version
  • Launching the application globally by 3rd quarter of 2019.

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