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What is FutBol Coin

The FutBol Coin (TFC)


Aiming to thrill the whole football community around the world with a convincing, vibrant, and easy-to-use app while building a digital economy in their ecosystem with The Futbol Coin token.


By integrating The Futbol Coin (TFC) into the PandaHAUS TFA (The Futbol App) fabric, they are creating a digital economy inside the application that lets the resources of the group be exchanged with supporters and enables millions of small corporations to make enticing advertising and attractive deals to our TFA user base. It also makes for simple, safe, and fraud-proof transfers linked to football (buying tickets, advertising, donating money to deserving charitable causes, paying registration fees, and much more). 

A strong digital economy is developed through the introduction of The Futbol Coin (TFC).

What is their mission?


Their goal is to make Futbol Coin the dominant currency of the soccer world. For this reason, Futbol Coin would have an active involvement in the quest and selection of players from the second division with a high degree of soccer prediction. 

And can be used on its own page in sports betting-excluding soccer-; in online and physical sports shops-exclusively for items and services relevant to the field of soccer-; and in the development of football pitches 5, 8, and 11.

Their Unique Monetisation Strategy


The FutbolCoin has a special monetization approach based on targeted in-app ads (businesses and companies can reach TFA users across the globe at specific times). 

This is good for TV bars and restaurants that can attract fans up in a particular geography for a major game on a Thursday. 

They have Instagram type advertisements that are gently inserted in the movement of social posts, enabling video distribution and show ads that get the complete attention of the TheFutbolApp consumer. The only charge that they accept from marketers for running advertisements to targeted users inside the software is TFC. The marketers must receive this TFC from the consumers of the TFA by providing them products and services in return for the TFC token.

TFC available on Crypto Exchanges


One route to get the Futbol Coin is via platforms where the coin has been published. The coin is currently registered in several crypto exchanges. 

Check on:

  • Interstellar
  • Bittrex
  • Latoken


How to get TFC?


  • TheFutbolApp – In the context of the app, 500 million tokens to be gained by taking action that is of benefit to the FutbolApp family, such as sharing influential content, engaging in forums, and welcoming mates. 
  • StellarTerm Exchange-You can market the TFC immediately on the StellarTerm Exchange 
  • Peer to Peer Transactions-Peer to peer transfers between users. By offering goods or services for sale 
  • By positioning products or services for sale in their inventory or wallet
  • FutBol Coin Ecosystem


TFC Ecosystem


The components that make up the TFA, where TheFutbolCoin could be used for several purposes, are the greatest stars in the Football World:

  • Semi-pro players or recreational players (youth)
  • Fans
  • Professional clubs
  • Advertisers
  • Professional football players
  • Coaches
  • Many others
  • FutBol Coin App

Using TFC within the app ecosystem


  • Marketers must use TFC to run TFA advertising. 
  • Advertisers are getting this TFC by having products and services accessible for purchase inside the TFC wallet that is connected to or integrated into the TFA software. 
  • TFC may also be used to purchase products from partnering vendors in the TFC wallet (similar to WeChat pay) or for products in TheFutbolApp shop. 
  • TFC will also be contributed to young people wanting to play football by our crowdfunding scheme. Entertainment youth players/coaches/parents may also use TFC to list their team and roster inside the app and allow live scores and game highlights for their group.

If you are a football fan, here’s a fabulous chance for you. Don’t wait, take their offers today. 

FutBol Coin Team

For More Details About FutBol Coin :


Website: https://thefutbolcoin.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheFutbolCoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefutbolapp
Telegram Group: https://t.me/tfc_official
Whitepaper: https://thefutbolcoin.io/assets/docs/TFC_whitepaper.pdf

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