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Sleekplay Review

Do you like to be interrupted with commercial advertisements while watching a video? I am sure answer would be “No”. But nowadays we all are having this bad experience though we hate ads. There are lots of content monetization software. Sometimes you might have tried them. Are those addressing your problem properly? This is about a comprehensive solution to block unnecessary advertisements.

Sleekpay is a blockchain based, decentralized content monetization solution that controls your time and computational power of the device to reward users. Sleekplay ecosystem is empowered by three main actors. They are;

  • Users – Users are the consumers of this platform. Users can download and consume the applications. Meanwhile, they can receive incentives for using the applications.
  • Developers and providers – Developers and the service providers are the application providers. They can earn rewards while providing value for the users.
  • Sleekplay API –API is the intermediary of this platform. It handles the distribution and sharing of rewards to users and developers.

Sleekplay Platform

Sleekplay differentiates itself from others on adhering to functions.

  • Advertisement complimentary experience– Customers can appreciate their preferred programs without any disturbance. Users don’t have to click to stay clear of advertisements.Sleekplay utilizes a Blockchain based money making the option to substitute clicks.
  • Play & Earn– While users delighting in the program, Sleekplay will reward them with SKP which can be traded to electronic products or cash.
  • A lot more income compared to ads– Goal system and also rewards specially made for developers, will certainly enable to earn greater than they made with advertisements.
  • Positive experiences – Developers can deliver a quality service and protect their brands as no interruptions to users.
  • Better user engagement – Unique goal systems and incentives embedded in the platform will encourage the users to interact with the application.
  • Long session application – Most of the traditional content monetization applications are the best suit for short time sessions. But Sleekplay is beneficial for long session applications such as Netflix, Spotify etc.
  • Approval process – The platform is incorporated with an inspection system to avoid hijacking of the platform.  

Sleekplay uses SKP tokens as their official currency which should be used for each transaction within the platform. 18,400 Million Tokens will be distrusted among the participants as follows.

  • 16% through pre-sale   
  • 54% through main ICO
  • 6% through a private round of token sale
  • 12% will be distributed among the team
  • 4% for advisors
  • Remaining 8% through bounties and marketing programs

Pre-sale phase two is now open. Participants can earn 20% bonus in this phase. Anybody who fails to be participating in this phase can participate in phase 3, which gives 10% bonuses. Phase three will be started on 23rd May.

The management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation on few of the team members.

Sleekplay Team

Emmanuel Obare – Developer & CTO

Emmanuel is an expert in software engineering and he is a graduate of the University of East London. He is responsible for the Blockchain and entire back-end infrastructure.

Isaac Ikoro – Business Strategist

Isaac is a computer science specialist who is graduated from the University of Manitoba. As well he is an expert in business management.  

The Sleekplay journey has been allocated into three phase. Now they are at the end of the 1st phase. They have lined up the milestones for remaining two phases as follows.

Phase 2 _ Beta development and exchange listing

Listing SKP on exchanges

Releasing GUI wallet

Releasing Sleekplay API with web miner integration

Phase 3 – Product launch and operations

Releasing API with native miner

Opening the platform for developers

Launching the platform

For More Details of Sleekplay ICO:
Official Website: https://sleekplay.com
Whitepaper: https://www.sleekplay.com/docs/Sleekplay-Whitepaper-EN.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/sleekplayofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sleekplay_io
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialsleekplay


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