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Fixy Network Review

The Fixy Network cryptocurrency platform looks for to allow its individuals a means to quickly make use of as well as invest their cryptocurrencies and quickly, as a result, intends to launch as a task that accompanies its participants daily. Thus, Fixy Network will allow a series of very varied utilities within a single digital medium, among them we highlight a digital wallet, a cryptocurrency stock market (like the famous Wall Street, but totally digital stock markets) known by its acronym in English OTC. The clearest advantage that this last function has over the more traditional forms of buying and selling currencies or cryptocurrencies is its decentralized nature, which makes free and fair the exchange for all those who are part of it.

Similarly, Fixy Network will try to group in a single ecosystem both buyers interested in making this type of money, and sellers willing to receive compensation for their assets, because, in this way, it is possible to create a space where the Real-time swap using cryptocurrencies becomes possible. This idea will be financed thanks to the sale of the Fixy gift cards, which can be purchased in common stores like the ones you would find in your city since the objective of this company is to have a global reach.

With these gifcards or gift cards, anyone who has never entered the cryptocurrency market can become part of the community without any difficulty, since they will only have to make simple steps to become a member of that platform, added to an automated system that automatically updates the balance in the digital wallet of previously registered users without the need to make complicated records to be part of the platforms where life is made with cryptocurrencies, all this through the use of Fixy gift cards .

Thus, all small retailers will find a place to carry out the transactions and exchanges they need through the use of the aforementioned gifcards, and these same retailers, in turn, can become partners of this platform that is based on blockchain , so they can receive and make payments in other cryptocurrencies of various types, such as the popular Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or even Litecoin and other less popular (so-called “Altcoin”).

Fixy App

Another aspect of attention in the Fixy Network project is its method to carry out all its functions, especially the exchanges both within the cryptocurrency stock market that will be part of the platform, and in the daily purchases and sales that you can make in the Affiliated stores. For all this, the Fixy Network will implement the technology of digital contracts (in English ” Smart Contracts “), these will ensure that all exchanges are carried out with the assurance that the parties will get what they promised in the form of a Fixy token ( or FXY) as a payment method. It will also be possible to make exchanges without having to resort to the Fixy Network tokens or their smart contracts in the OTC market. For this, it will only be necessary to use the messaging utility (which is free). And to guarantee security outside the inviolable smart contracts, the users of that network will have access to a scoring system with which they will be able to observe the rating and comments about a member of the medium and thus know how their experience was at the time of the trade.

The characteristics and possibilities that Fixy Network has been very broad, this company is established in Hong Kong and consists of enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. They also have the order of the day to seek a healthy interaction between the platform and its members by providing a reward to users who participate in contests and games of all kinds, including the popular Tetris and Pokémon.

Finally, it is not surprising that Fixy Network seeks to make the relationship with its users and associates the best, since by not having clear competition within its market sector, it is innovating and creating something totally different, so that its intention is to start with the best steps, and for this, the merchants that use this network will obtain promising rates and a way to expand to new horizons, added to the advantage of being able to pay advertisements or advertising through the Fixy token.

The sales phase of FXY tokens has already started and here we tell you everything you need to know
As you know, the sale of tokens is a very important part of all digital platforms. For this reason, Fixy Network was not going to be the exception and the best of all is that its pre-ICO has just started. So, the first thing you have to know is the dates of the start-up of each sales phase, the pre-ICO is scheduled to start on May 1, 2018, and end on May 9 of this year. The ICO phase of level 1 will be activated on May 16 and will conclude on May 23. The ICO Phase 2 event has a starting date of May 25 and will end on May 31.

Fixy ICO

For the pre-ICO, 14,000,000 FXY will be distributed at a price of 0.000143 ETH per FXY . The ICO level 1 will have an amount of 54,000,000 FXY with a stipulated price of 0.000167 ETH, on the other hand, phase 2 of the ICO still does not have a supply of FXY tokens but the price of the tokens will be 0.000200 ETH .

As for the bonus system, they will be made as follows: 40% bonus will be given in the pre-ICO, 20% bonus in the ICO level 1 and 0% in the ICO of level 2. From here we recommend that you participate as soon as possible so that you can have access to a good bonus, so you will benefit from each of the promotions. Entering into a more detailed section, it is very important that you know that the Softcap is valued at 2,000 ETH and the Hardcap was set at a figure of 11,400 ETH, on the other hand, 1 ETH = 5000 FXY tokens.

The distribution of the FXY tokens will be done very easily and without any complications. 68% of the tokens will be fully allocated to the ICO, 15% will be for the entire development group of the platform, 2% aims to be distributed in Airdrop, 1% is reserved for all bounty campaigns, 7.5% the FXY tokens will be protected as a system reserve, 1.5% is intended to be applied in the marketing and promotions of the platform, finally, the remaining 5% of the FXY tokens will be distributed in the private sale.

And as the latest data regarding this distribution, the Fixy team tokens, and their advisors will have a 3-year lock, which will be unlocked 1/6 part every 6 months, which ensures the market stability of your FXY token and generates a excellent confidence about the project!

The total emission of FXY tokens is set at a figure of 100,000,000 FXY. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the platforms accepted natively for the acquisition of FXY tokens, so you will not have any problem when participating in the sales events.

To participate in the token leaves Fixy Network, register!
To participate without any problem within the pre-ICO and ICO what you have to do is the simplest. The first thing, in this case, is to have a correctly registered profile within the platform, for this you will have to enter the official Fixy Network page, once you are inside you have to click on “Join Token Sale”, the best of all is That notice is in the entire web page, so you should not look for the registration notice anywhere else.

FixyOnce you click on “Join Token Sale” a new sale will open automatically. As you can see the procedure is one of the simplest that can exist because all you have to do is enter the public address of Fixy’s smart contract in your digital wallet so you can make the purchase of the tokens. You just have to click on “Copy to Clipboard” to save the address and then pass it to your wallet, and that would be it, a very easy and hassle-free system.

Fixy Team

fixy team 1

Fixy Team

Now, so that you can be up to date with each and every one of the news circulating in Fixy, the best thing you can do is join the Telegram group. There you will receive messages directly and never depend on third parties so you will always be free of any type of scam or trap. To enter Telegram you just have to click on “Joy Token Sale” and then click on ” Join Our Community “.

Fixy Network Official Website: https://fixyapp.io
Whitepaper: https://fixyapp.io/Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/fixynetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fixy_app
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3084108.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fixyapp.io



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