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Mobile and online gaming are one of the most popular avenues for entertainment in the last few years due to growing smartphone adoption and people investing a large amount of time and money in it. Gaming groups are being formed across the globe as a community of people playing in and interested in the same games. At the same time blockchain is the most attractive technology of the decade as it has redefined the online payment structure thanks to its decentralized structure and immutable and transparent ledger technology that promotes trust and transparency.

SgamePro allows users ie gamers to be rewarded with SGM tokens while playing the most popular games. SGM can be used to access and redeem benefits from the token. It also aggregates the independent and major game publishers on one integrated platform. This means it’s easier to discover new games and play multi-player modes. Publishers can also earn more as the platform is totally dependant on user interaction. Influencers are also in a better position to influence gamers through SGamePro. SgamePro differs from traditional mobile gaming platforms in the sense that both gamers and publishers earn additional revenue through SGM depending on the levels and challenges of the game.

Market Needs

SgamePro is a game aggregator and community where players are rewarded in SGM by,

  • Playing iOS and Android games
  • Challenging other players
  • Streaming challenges to millions of other gamers
  • Taking in part in targeted actions via a personalized wall

Users can also transfer their SGM from the internal wallet to ERC-20 wallets or can redeem them for goods and services on the internal marketplace.

Advantages of using SgamePro

Users get multi-player modes in single player boosting social interaction. A portion of ADV is given to users and less invasional promotion is used. SGM can be used to purchase goods and services on the marketplace. SGM replicates the mining experience and SGM can be used across all games.

Publishers find user acquisition easier and increased visibility. Players are more likely to spend SGM than fiat. Part of the fee generated by challenges is received by publishers.

SgamePro offers influencers an attractive referral system providing them with an opportunity to monetize their following without affecting their image. Each referral gains SGM regardless of time taken by a new player or whether he is a follower or not.

Merchants get an unprecedented level of scale and offer the total reach of multiple publishers at a time. Higher user quality data is generated and profiles are cross-game meaning the user data is more granular.

SgamePro Platform


Public Challenges are matchmade by SgamePro and lets a preset number of players of similar skill levels play for a certain number of SGM. Private Challenges let players challenge friends for any amount of their choice. SGM also uses Leaderboards as a global ranking for specific games to benchmark performance with rewards for specific goals. Each player and influencer has a profile that details their ranking, challenges, performance, games played and wallet balance. A live streaming option is also available for users to build their fanbases.

Other features of SgamePro are the Developer Arena for independent developers to test and promote new concepts, a Messaging system for in-game communication and an Anti-Cheating fraud system designed to detect bots, tapping, multiple accounts and fake users.


The model of SgamePro depends on a regular circulation of tokens between participants for a highly liquifiable token. The architecture is in a hybrid manner so that flow inside the Chain is not affected. Rewards are directly deposited in the user’s wallets and the player has full control over moving it to their ERC wallet. Proof of Play is the concept by which a consensus is developed as to whether enough play has been performed to mine a Play-Block, releasing rewards to the player. Play-Blocks are defined as a set of actions that if completed reward the user.


SgamePro has partnered with Publishers who have a collective fan of 35 million players ensuring cross-promotion, high visibility, and a thriving ecosystem. These publishers include DigitalBros, kappsule, 34BigThings, 505Games, and Colin Lane Games AB.

SgamePro has also partnered with popular Youtuber and influencer Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, popularly known as Pewdiepie who has around 62 million followers on Youtube.


The core team at SgamePro is led by Founder & CEO Gip Cutrino, Co-Founders Nicola Rizzo (CFO) and Natale Ferrera, MD OPS Luca Carrozza, MD Marketing Dragan Bozic and CTO Francesco Ongaro. Other members of the team include managers, gaming experts, and blockchain experts.

SgamePro Team

The Advisory team comprises legal, crypto, business and finance experts like Igor Pezzilli, Roman Hammerl, Robert Taylor, Lars Schlichting and Davide Bisgonin amongst other experts.

SGamePro ICO

For More Details of SgamePro:
Official Website: https://sgamepro.io
Whitepaper: https://sgamepro.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Sgame_Pro-White_Paper-v1.89.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/sgamepro
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sgameprohq
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4452342



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